Tileset Error

Well, I’m completely baffled by this one. Recently, my friend wanted me to update blockheads texture pack, as more than a few textures are missing. After sitting down for a while, I figured out how to edit the game and got under way. Well, up until yesterday my texture pack worked fine, now it wont.

What happened? I tried to add a line for the reinforced window. I did it exactly as I always had, adding the lines needed from the boarded up window tile, then using the Tileset viewer to add the texture. Great! saved and quit. Then I tried to run the game…

It said that it could not read tile_config.json file. Fearing a corrupted file, I used a back up from a couple days ago to replace it. Didn’t work, same error. Then I tried renaming, which got rid of that error, but gave me a new one. This one I can’t explain.

The game states that there is an fg error, and that the corpse tile, with a fg of 274, the 2 is out of bounds. This doesn’t make sense, as I never edited that entry. Looking at Blockhead’s texture pack, it has the same code and works fine.

SO, the real question is just what the heck did I do? It seems that I somehow royally screwed up my game, and that I might have just lost all the work I did. Is there anyway to fix this?

Ok, so I completely started over, and the same ****ing thing happened. Still says that it cannot read the tile config.json. The only thing I can link it too is the tileset editor corrupting it. I don’t know, and I can’t seem to find anyone else who has this problem, what a surprise…

Furthermore, I’ve experimented some. It appears that even touching the set with Chase’s tileset editor causes the .json file to become unreadable, while simply duplicating an already working pack and changing the directory in the .txt file causes the out of bounds error. So, how do I fix this, as this appears to be a problem with the game, or something I’m not seeing in my method. I should also note that creating a new set with Chase’s tool also produces the unreadable .json file error.

.json can be opened and edited with text editor this same way like .txt or .html if you do not know how to make things to open in other than standart program just open note pad drag and drop .json file on notebad window and this will work (maybe)