Newest experimental missing a comma?

So I played the latest SDL today (11/2/13 at 9:23 am) and started going though the options, removing and adding things as per my style. Anyway, I don’t play with tiles (sorry guys, waiting for that ACSII tileset) so I turned those off. When I finished and saved all the changes, a error message popped up and said something about a missing comma in Deon’s tileset. I restarted the game, and now it won’t open. Thus is why I didn’t put the experiment version thing on the top.

Ah, had to unpack again. Version thing is 0.8-2353-g315620. I’ll try to redo it again and post a screenie.

Getting the same thing when I try to ude the Deon tileset.

Even if you went and fixed that error another comes involving 6:17 unable to start array because it found ‘t’ instead of ‘[’.

IIRC this should be fixed now.

Mabui’s error was because the json file wasn’t being opened in binary mode, so some weirdness was occurring between different OSes