Need help please with tileset and stuff

Can someone like help me with adding a tileset or whatever and also how to make monster spawn in a location that I want in building or if possible vehicle

creating a new tile set:

  1. add a new folder in gfx
  2. create a tile_config.json file in your new folder, that lists all items/furniture/monsters/vehicles parts that your tile set supports.
  3. create a tileset.txt file that describes the name and paths for your tiles.
  4. create one or more .png files with your new tiles, in the order you list in the tile_config.json.

adding an existing tile set to your game:

  1. copy it into the gfx folder
  2. go into options and select it

monster and vehicle spawn

  1. in the location json in data/json/mapgen/ , put the monsters you want to spawn in place_monsters and the vehicles in place_vehicles. see public_works.json for a good example.
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Thanks for help especially the bottom part