I’m playing Deon’s Tileset and now that the experimental builds grows it became more and more difficult to identify items or monsters. It seems to me, that every new item or zombie got a “#”. there is a tile for books, but the new have “#”, there is a zombies scientist tile, but the zombie technician got an “#”, there is a moose tile but the zoose got an “#” and so on …

Do you plan to add additional tiles to the different tile sets? If not, is it f.e. planned to let a book look like the books that was already in the stable version?

Keep up the good work! The experimental build gets better every day and it would be perfect if those new animals and items get new tiles to identify those things more easier.

Welcome, sir! Generally, tiles get updated every time an stable version is up, unless the tilemaker loves working. I am pretty sure you will have to wait! There is, in the forums, a continuation of Deon´s tileset, tough… i think, i am not sure.

Have you tried playing with RetroDays? I found it quite good, after I got used to it!
And, as said in its (RetroDays’) thread, the only missing tiles are the ones related to the new substation building and the zombie technicians - as far as my experience goes, these were truly the only ones missing.

In another thread, I think in the one regarding Tsu’s tileset, he explained why the tilesets are not updated so frequently (his in particular); the reason was related to associating tiles and their respective item ID (if I understood correctly), which would be a pain to do. (I’m inclined to believe it, haha.) Also, the experimental versions come up with a lot of things that might or might not make it to the stable, so it kind of discourages keeping the tileset up to date with them.

If something gets into experimental, it usually sticks around to a stable. That said, we generate content much faster than artists can illustrate it. Deon in particular hasn’t been around for a While.

Oh, shoot. I was off the mark, then, so I apologize!

Thank you for your replies.

I’m no programmer so I thought that f.e. new books could be connected to the right tile easily if it’s already exists.

Unfortunatly the stable Kaufman version had no changes within the Deon tiles in comparison with 0.9. That was the point after I began to become afraid, that Deon is no longer updating his tileset. That would be a pity because it’s the best (IMO).

In that case : Maybe there’s a chance not only to make tiles smaller (z) but bigger than standard?

I’ve tried every tileset and stayed with Deon’s. But if he’s gone I’ll sure look again to find the second best. I made some mistakes in the past because in a house I often don’t recognize zombies because all kinds of ‘#’ in a room.