Tiles are very small

tiles with the base .8 resolution are larger. when i use the tilesets in the experimental. they are very small. anyway to make them larger? I tried changing my screen resolution but the images are still tiny. deons tiles dont work. they get a bug when picked and then the game wont load. other two are very small.

anyone seeing small tile sizes? this doesn’t happen with the base .8 release.

Weird, I can use it just fine:
Deon’s titleset

Tsu’s titleset

Experimental version 0.8-2435-g705a30b

I have the same problem using HRose’s Tileset.

i don’t know why but my screen resolution makes the tile really small…

i lowered my screen resolution to 800x600 and it didnt make a difference. this usually works with nethack tiles.

Could you screenshot it maybe?

ill do it tonight. at work.

this is a stupid question, but what do you guys use to screenshot stuff?

The snipping tool. Look for it in start menu.

If on Windows:
Windows clipboard + paint.
Hold alt then press Printscreen (prtscrn) key, to copy the active window. then open paint and paste it.