Thompson SMG Representation

[size=8pt]I am working on tests for the mod I would like to develop. This thread is in regards to the Thompson M1921 SMG. While I’m semi happy with what I have so far, I have hit a bit of a snag. I am not exactly sure how to simulate this weapon in the game as far as fire mode and rate of fire. Having done some research it is safe to say that this model has a high rate of fire, able to spend 900+ rounds per minute (RPM).

I am assuming that “MODE_BURST” would be the appropriate flag yet I am undecided on what number amount to use for the burst. I mean if this was in the real world you could determine for yourself just how to go about firing the gun. Either you could fire it in short bursts or hold the trigger down for some carnage. So how would I go about achieving this? Is there some kind of balance I could achieve to reflect the gun as best as possible in the game?

I am also curious as to how to handle the different clip sizes that the gun could use. The gun has a capacity for 20/30 round box magazines or 50/100 round drum clips. Would I need to create these clips as mods? I appreciate any help that you can give me to enlighten me on this matter. Thank you in advance.[/size]

Well, I like three round bursts.

Seeing as the round box is 20/30, it’d make sense to have 5 round bursts. Three is a little bit short for an SMG I think.

[quote=“Binky, post:3, topic:3962”]Three is a little bit short for an SMG I think.[/quote]That can depend on the SMG in question. If it were, for example, an M3 submachine gun, with a fire rate of ~450 rounds per minute, a “long” burst of 6+ rounds would take a while; three rounds with such a slow-firing gun makes sense. However, with a Thompson M1921 (most models of which were not slow-firing), as Anonymous explained above, with a rate of fire of ~900 RPM, a burst of 6-8 rounds also seems reasonable.

Yeah, but I don’t want to waste ammo. I know that if the thing you’re shooting at dies while you’re still shooting it will auto stop, but still.

And yeah, I guess it does seem a bit low for a 900+ RPM gun…

[size=8pt]Well, last night Windows 7 severely and irreversibly crashed on me. This meaning I lost everything I had on it. The good news is that it was finally the push to make me shrug off Windows and dust off Unbutu and update it to 13.10. Now that that is out of the way I can begin working on this mod again.

I appreciate the feedback so far regarding how best to balance this gun. The other guns I have in mind should not be as problematic as this one. I have tested it with 20, 30, and 50 round bursts. As it stands, this gun does incredible damage and critical hits even with a modifier of ranged damage 1. However this gun does draw out the undead from all corners of the map it seems, and it does eat through ammo reserves rather quickly.

I just wished there was a way to work around the restrictions that are in place since you can still choose to have the smg in single shot or burst mode. Having a Thompson with single shot just seems wrong. I will have to continue to balance this gun but if that proves futile then I will simply just have to remove it completely.[/size]

Well, there’s nothing wrong with singer shotting a gun.

My suggestion is to have the burst be based on firing rate. I want to adjust burst fire so that you can toggle through “single”, “short burst”, “long burst”, and “3-round burst” (last only if the gun itself supports it) depending on the situation, just that time thing… :confused:

I’ve always wanted a full auto mode, where you would pump all your shots into the one zombie. If there is more than one zombie and the first one dies, you switch over to another target. The game already does it nicely, though.