Can someone make rfile having a triple shot mode?

considering the high recoil that rifle have, the full-automatic is almost impossible to shooting some target, because the recoil is way too high, you keep missing the target after 3 shots

I suggest make all rifle can switch between triple mode, full auto and single shots

and, about the machine gun, I suggest lower some recoil, or make player can have a tripod to install on those guns, so we can deploy on a small objects and recoil will be lower a lot

of course I bet it still have that piece shit message to remind you about more accurate gun, can someone just cut that shit?

Seriously, in this lifeless world you’ll be glad have a gun to protect your life, not to mention those gun shop are locked by a metal door, you have to find a way to get in

stop let you character complain about the guns, especially when you wandering on outside the town

I remember last time this message popout when I useing the laser rifle, I’m seriously!! there is no more accurate gun better than that laser rifle!!!

and stop remind me that message when I useing the submachine gun fullauto firing and shotguns!!! those guns is design to shooting on closeing range!!!

and no!! never ever make that message appear on bow and crossbow weapon!!! that’s not even a guns!!!

I’m done, someone just please remove accurate gun message already!!! Very Annoying Stuff!!! UHH!!!

In my opinion since different guns have different shooting modes, there is either keep it as is or refine all refiles to be have realistic settings for Single\Triple\Burst modes. I dont want AK-47 to have triple shot since it hasn’t in real life.

Having multiple burst modes wouldn’t be hard to write, but maybe it would be better to have custom burst size instead?

How hard is it to limit burst size by releasing the trigger?

You have to be experienced enough with the specific gun to be able to make custom bursts exacly how you want it in real life. Would be cool to add a little random effect there. Like you wanted to make a burst of three but it goes 2, 3 or 4 randomly. This simulates effect of being nervous or simply novice shooter.

Im really liking the idea of having almost no recoil and extremely high accuracy with a machine gun if you have a tripod or bi pod deployed on a static surface

It also depends on the age of the weapon. I had a M249 when I was stationed in South Korea. I got a brand new one and it was easy to pop off single rounds with it. I fired a friends weapon once. MUCH harder to get off single rounds. His was a well used.

getting into gun stores is easy, use lockpick or acetylene torch eventualy smash wall with sledgehammer