I need a help. How do I create a mod for the game?

I want to do a mod to add warhammer shit on my game, i want horny murderers elf’s, orks and tyranids on the game, and some armors and stuff, soo what I need to learn to start doing that, and what programing lenguage I need to know to create the mod ?

Adding new monsters and item can be done using JSON.

You might want to take a look at the links listed on the wiki on how to modify the game.

I personally never looked at the wiki. my understanding on how to mod came from emulating existing json files/folders and how mods are implemented. to my understanding:

  • to make a mod just create a folder in the mod folder ex. …\cataclysmdda-0.E-Windows_x64-Tiles-11560\data\mods
  • you may need to add a modinfo.json file (just copy and modify one from an existing mod)
  • json files you add into the folder will be read and added (even if your mod has folders for the files)
  • I recommend emulating the folder/file naming organizational structure in the base json for readability
  • main json can be found at …/cataclysmdda-0.E-Windows_x64-Tiles-11560\data\json
  • ensure your mod is selected when creating a world otherwise nothing will happen
  • if your mod defines a new thing it will be added to the game
  • if your modifying an existing item load order determines whether it takes hold verses an existing mod (you want your mod to be last to take priority since each definition overwrites the last definition)
  • the base game json file kind of acts like a mod that happens to load first