Please add more debug setting in the game option, so people can setting game play on it own

First, thanks for the hard work on this game so far, it’s feeling very good since year 2008 till now, I understand so far we are trying to make this game looks just like real life, so you can make game harder and challenging, but, as you guys know, not all the DDA players like the game features on the new version,

for example, some people do not like the game are too reality, just crafting are new item to spend about 3 days in order to build a full armors for themselves, or spend like 10 days or even more to build a little log house with the size 9X9 just like a small tent, they want to make the game more amusement, so they can just save some time for some fun,

I mean, not anybody like the game force to fit them into the new game features, And I think that’s the problem for cause so many players quit this wounderful game, it’s really shame, you know,

So, I want to make a suggest, I’m not asking too much, I just wanna the game option can have more debug setting on the menu,
such as you can change a construct speed ,farm speed, the CBMs slots, the weariness switch, stamina switch, and the revive switch, I mean, we alright have a setting to change the skill learn speed, so why not take one step further, in order to makeing more better game play changer, so people can choose between reality and game play on they own,

you just can’t force the players to play the rules that you has been creation any more, so how about make a change, so you can let the players play the rules on they own, just like the Rimworld, for example.

And I really wish the developer can reference this suggest, so we can make anybody happy, no more quarrel and complain,

for the better future, long live for Cataclysm DDA.

A lot of those values like Construction speed can already be changed in world settings, recipe crafting times can be changed via mods. CBM slots either have or at least had a disable mod, and if it did drop outta rotation there’s probably a reason why (Likely no maintainer).

I don’t know what your trying to say with ‘Swith/Siwth’ but I’m gonna take a guess at ‘Switch’, in which case I’m sure the project would take an infinite stamina/weariness debug switch or trait willingly enough, as long as someone was willing to maintain it.

Really, that’s what a lot of this comes down to though. The folks currently contributing to the project are just contributing what they want, within the scope of what the projects trying to achieve. The only thing keeping the above from being reality is someone committing themselves to making it happen, and keeping it maintained going forward as these systems continue to be changed and updated. While it doesn’t hurt to ask for someone to make 'em, the best way to get the things you really want is to pick 'em up and do 'em yerself. The existing contributors deciding between continuing to work on their pet projects, or adding some stuff they’re never gonna use or play with ain’t gonna have to spend long to think on right.

That’s fine with me, I have no problem on new version at all,

I just wish you guys do not getting squabble anymore, it’s pointless, we all love play DDA since 2008, and the game is definitely became better and better, I just wonder when does the official version release.

Infinite configurability wouldn’t change a thing about people arguing. as has been pointed out, settings for many of these things exist, but that doesn’t make people stop arguing about things, they just change their argument to, “I shouldn’t have to change the configuration of the game to play the way I want”.


Kevin, I would suggest ignoring those types of people then.

This game is one of the best sandbox experiences available. In any sandbox, more customization is nothing but a win. This thread finally got me to register here just to say that lol. I would say at least consider the OPs request. If people refuse to use them because “they shouldn’t have to”, that’s on them. I would personally love more customization options.

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I completely agree. The point of any sandbox is to have the maximum possible amount of customization.

I woulda said the point of a sandbox game is to have fun.
I wouldn’t necessarily classify cataclysm as a sandbox, but more of a survival game. Just like how dwarf fortress, zomboid, dwarf fortress isn’t a sandbox game either.
Sandbox games you just kinda sit there and enjoy the world around you, whereas other types of games actually interact with you

I hope I’m not speaking out of turn or putting words in your mouth @kevin.granade

It’s not so much that Kevin (or the other great contributors that assist for that matter) doesn’t want more customization in the game, they have other projects and lives outside of cdda and the current visions of the game take a lot of time without adding extras. As @Profugo_Barbatus stated earlier, its all about who may or may not want to do this and maintain it.

CDDA basically can be thought of as a weekend project for them. Considering that fact I believe they do a great job honestly. So if you really want something added that doesn’t exist, you can always put in a pull request for it or even put a bounty on it. Or you could learn to add it yourself which can be a very rewarding feeling.

If it helps any listening devs, more controls over customizing the game is always welcome from me. That is what keeps the replay value of this game so high imo.

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I agree with you. The players who seek sandbox games seek also fun and the capacity to adjust the game to his own taste. That’s why Cdda have the player and map customizations and a debug section to fine tune your game. That being said, I think we all players of Cdda agree that it will always be a great game because of these points.

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I imagine you wouldn’t consider this game a sandbox, if that’s your definition of a sandbox.

A sandbox game is typically an open world where you can do just about anything you want, build, destroy, roam and get creative. CDDA definitely qualifies, regardless of also being a survival game.