Things can lash tentacles at you from really far away

So, I’ve been fooling around in Monstergroups, trying to create a John Carpenter Christma… I mean apocalypse.

And what I’ve noticed, is that the Thing can lash it’s tentacles at you from far off screen. In the movie, it had to get pretty close to do that. I wouldn’t mind if it were within four or five tiles, as it could do that in the movie, but this is a little ridiculous, as it’s off screen.

Well, they are designed to be fought in the bottoms of Mines…

But yeah, that sounds like a bug.

Mines? That’s arbitrary. They can be edited into towns with minimal effort through the monstergroups.json file. I wanted more lovecraftian abominations, and Things fit the bill.
They just seems to have… problems.