Hallucination possible bugs (aka Your Mind Makes It Real) (Stable .8)

While getting hallucinations in the latest build, I noticed that a certain hallucinatory snail creature (can’t remember its name, but it wasn’t a human snail nor a giant snail) left a trail of difficult terrain that lasted long after the snail disappeared. And not just a couple of minutes or hours, but several days after the hallucination episode, disappearing only after a storm wiped it off. I’m guessing that’s not how illusory slime is supposed to work.

Oh, whoops. Was it the sludge crawler? Giant snails leave acid, which should disappear soon.

When I made anything hallucinatable, I turned off their special attacks, but sludge/acid trails are placed through some other means. Thanks for reporting this.

Yeah, Sludge Crawler, that was the one. Glad I was able to help.

While on the topic of hallucinations, in an earlier pre .8 experimental build I noticed that dogs would attack hallucinatory enemies. Not sure if this is known or if it was already addressed, but I’ll leave that here just in case.