My hallucination is fighting a real eyebot 0.B-2612

Could go either way whether this is a bug with the new in-fighting or whether it’s intended. Either way it’s pretty amusing.


Seeing your hallucinations fighting with real things seems okay.

I’d definitely call it a bug if the real things were fighting back, indicating that they can see your hallucinations too.

You must be some kind of summoning wizard, but are not aware of it yet

What rivet said, do let us know if anything fights back, or if the hallucinations do any damage.

or if the other creatures have to go around the hallucinations… that seems one of the more likely problems to me…then again I wouldn’t know I don’t even look at code since I got mine working :P.

XD hallucinate something and have it block a doorway

kinda makes me curious though how were they programed in though… as screen only? oh well I probably wouldn’t understand answer to that anyways :stuck_out_tongue: O.o

It’s far simpler and more horrifying than you think. They’re just the same as real monsters, but they have a single bit flipped indicating that they’re hallucinations. A bunch of the code checks for that bit and treats them specially if it’s set.

so if thats the case then its a very possible that other stuff might treat the hallucination as though its there? Even if they don’t attack they might go around it… right? or has that already been foreseen?

No, monsters will probably path around hallucinations, probably what should happen is hallucinations should disappear if another monster walks through them.