Disappearing Headless Horror

Just ran into a weird bug where I saw a headless horror, it came after me after I shot it a few times with a composite bow and simple metal arrows. (In case that has something to do with it.) Then as soon as it grabbed me, it vanished into thin air. I know it wasn’t anything I did, I don’t have the power to teleport zombies or anything. There was no accompanying message and I’ve never seen it happen with any other zombie types, so it might be an issue with the Headless Horror specifically if someone wants to look into that.

Slight update to this… I went back to the spot where I saw the Headless Horror a few in-game days later… and he was there again. Didn’t attack me, and I started to aim at him and POOF! He just vanished again.

Do headless horrors teleport randomly or something? That seems like a weird ability for them to have. Nothing suggests that they’re somehow spatially unstable or something as far as I can tell.

I’ve never seen a headless horror before. Are they related to hunting horrors? I’m pretty sure flying creatures can cross z-levels. Is there some indication this thing can fly?

i think is from the aftershock mod, and maybe that would explain a lot of things, since it kind of tend to get things buggy

Could very well be the case. And no, it doesn’t fly, It’s basically a zombie hulk with no head.

It was a hallucination. Now wait until your weapon starts talking to you.