There's a Knife in ma Boot!

Just wanted to make sure about something. I was holding some boots in my newbie character and I Shift+A’d on it and it said " Put knife in the boot" I just wanted to know the Pros and Cons of this, when it was added and more detail in general.

Ehh you got the wrong board but anyways.

The put knife in boot thing is pretty old 0.5 or something (nah I don’t really recall and am just guessing, but its a pretty old feature). There are no Cons and the Pros are that you get up to 4 free volume space if you happen to be carrying 2 knives. You can store up to two knives (perhaps you can still store zweihanders on them), and thats about it.

perhaps the text could be changed to “store knife in boot” i too was confused the first time i saw this and envisioned running around kicking zombie dogs in the face screaming “down boy”

edit: better yet change it to “sheath knife in boot” to further remove any confusion and imply that you get a draw penalty reduction (which i assume this has?)

I think the words are “Put knife in boot”.

I also noticed they’ve changed the waiting system so when you don’t have a watch, he counts his heartbeats, I’m guessing that it’s unreliable but does it change depending on different circumstances? like weather, temperature, danger, or anything else?

On the subject of Stabby-Things, I need someone else to tell me that a katana is better than a combat knife in most, if not all ways, but I’m to sentimental with my knives to let a new, shiny one take the spotlight.

I dimly recall that waiting for a period used heartbeats even when I was heading to whalesdev to get Cataclysm. I don’t remember getting a watch back then, so I can’t say if time itself was in back then.

I don’t know about whether heartbeats are variable in length, though. Never paid attention for one, and for another the only way to measure time is with a watch which precludes using heartbeats.

IMO the two most important stats for any weapon are damage and speed. In this case you simply can’t say one is better than the other. A combat knife does make stab damage of 18 but no cutting damage, a real (!) katana a cutting damage of 38 but no stab damage. But a katana needs 115 moves per attack, a combat knife just 82 moves.

[quote author=Wuzzy link=topic=6484.msg121465#msg121465 date=1400563684]

A katana has a higher DPS, but a combat knife can allow for hit and run tactics if you are playing a fast character build. It really depends on what you want to do.

My character has a higher DEX than usual, but i think I’ve decided I’ll use the Katana until I get proper armor and a Melee of Six or so and then I can reunite with my beloved combat knife.