03ed82b - Survival knife isn't considered a knife when sheating it

At least not in boots in my experience. Working as intended or overlook?

Intentional. It’s too big to fit in a boot.

heres surprised there isn’t a properties for the size knife can hold on that note… also surprised on how out of the way the quiver flag is handled also

Also of note, whose bloody idea was it to make the tanto count as a SWORD instead of just shaving a point of volume off it?

The survival knife is implied to be one of those big ugly “Bowie knife on steroids” knives so it makes sense, but it seems weird that a tanto is bigger than a more sensible, presumably KA-BAR-style combat knife.

On a related note, they should’ve updated the survival knife’s description to mention that it’s too big for normal sheathes. Since this thread is far newer than the PR that changed this, AND newer than that issue on Github believing the survival knife knife was a bug, this is an example of inadequate in-game documentation.

I also sugest changing the message from “This item isn’t a knife” to “This items is too big” as it is kind of confusing.

I’m working on a PR to make the description warn the player about this feature, alongside other changes.

EDIT: https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/13614