New towns and settlements

This has probably been suggested before, but I looked around and couldnt find anything on it, so if it has been mentioned, I apologize.

I’ve always thought the towns in Cata seemed really tiny, which is nice. But I think, for each world generated, one large city should be spawned. Of course, if this is ever implemented, it should be extremely far down the road, as I’m sure you guys (Devs, I mean) have more than enough on your plate right now.

Large cities would include mostly apartment and office towers, instead of houses. All stores would be four times larger, streets would be wider and more packed with cars, and cities would be extremely large. much larger than the current small cities we have now. Massive hordes of zombies would appear in cities, along with a much higher number of survivors. Areas of the city should be almost completely desolate, with only a few shambling zombies and packs of feral dogs, while other areas have massive crowds of zed-heads. Cities would be end-game areas, with loot to match. In addition to large gun stores and huge pawn shops, in some areas of the city, you’d find spray cans everywhere, trash, chain link fences, and, in garages and basements, caches of guns, ammo, and drugs left by gangs before Z-day. Police stations in cities would be renamed to Precincts, and they’d be the only place where you could find riot armor, which would protect against nearly everything except explosions, but would limit mobility, and bomb squad gear, which would protect against absolutely anything, but makes it almost completely impossible to move (Sort of like power armor, but lighter and doesnt require power). Survivors in cities are more likely to have guns and good gear, but in addition, they, for the most part, would shoot you on sight.

I also wish we had some sort of civilized areas. Places where humans were able to beat back the zeds before they started getting too powerful.

Bastions would be very small towns, or outlying areas like public works, hospitals, hotels or apartments, where humans managed to survive the first few days. They’d be characterized by having nearly all the windows and doors boarded up, several dead zombies (And maybe a few dead survivors for some loot) outside, and inside would be several (Take the number of zombies that should have spawned there with static spawn and convert them to NPCs?) survivors armed with whatever sort of weapons might be lying around that area. They wouldnt be willing to part with any items (So you cant farm them for loot) and if you attack one, they’d gang up on you, but they do give quests and rewards.

That’s all I can think of for now. I’ll edit this and update it when I think of more ideas. I realize none of this can, or will be implemented anytime soon, but hey, maybe you (The devs) might see something in here that gives you a little inspiration for something you could add soon.

Big towns are obviously a great idea, but it might end up being a bit too big :smiley: the loot would prob be not as good as you would think, considering thats where most of it would have been used, like guns, food and medicine.

Well and bastions a really cool idea, since it would save yo uthe time from boarding up and putting walls up around an area, but since NPCs arent in a good working order, meaning that they would prob run out it should be added after NPCs start working normally, which i think will add factions with that.

Yeah, of course it would need to wait until NPCs are decently working, but just imagine…

You walk into a town and you realize that there are people everwhere, trading, selling food, standing guard. It’s civilized.

The cities wouldnt be massive, just large enough to feel like an urban environment. Alleyways and such. Once Z-levels are fleshed out and vertical movement is allowed, imagine how well a parkour-oriented character would do, sprinting across rooftops and jumping over fences. It’d be magical.

I think the trouble is depending on your weapons, most enemies feel the same i.e. shoot dead shoot dead. Best I encountered recently were blobs, and they only hurt the car a little as a plowed through them, but ate through 250 ammo I was carrying. Longer range enemies would be nice, or something which is harder to see like one of those snorkers or something from STALKER, it goes invisible and tracks you down, or there’s some that throw fireballs, and if you’re not wearing the right gear or have the right mutations/cbms, you aren’t going to find it unless you’re lucky.

I think NPCs that are instantly hostile would be a good idea.
Just imagine walking through town when suddenly sniper shots start landing at your feet.

Well, cities (I think of towns, cities are 300k plus people give or take a few) of 50 thousand people would have to hold some tens of thousands of zeds; that’s pretty large scale. If the game has even a remote possibility of getting buggy, halted or if the application snaps, this would multiply the issue.
But so far, I’ve seen like a thousand of oppos roaming in around me at the same time and there were little problems; but I’ve seen crafting bugs while fungs release spores and give birth to little ones, also.

By city, I didnt mean actual city. Just a large, urban town. Something with a population of maybe 15-20 thousand at the most. All the spawns could be centered around this city. So the player starts in a town that’s part of a sort of ring of towns around a small city. Maybe in the center of the city, in the town hall, there could be a large garrison of military personnel wielding high tech equipment?

Understood your concern - you’re eager to cross your skills with zeds in a slightly different setting. As you see, everything is kinda being reworked, and the “final” issue (greatest one so far) of having actual NPCs is reaching a certain stage; before this, your saying is more of an absurd one, it simply wouldn’t work right. One thing at a time I guess, like once cabins and then more buildings and more cars and more crafts and more variety and… :smiley:

I know it’s not do-able right now. But these were ideas for the future. I really do want to see larger towns with denser zed populations.

I’d like to see that NPCs are useful. What I’d like to encounter is a different matter, devs cook the game, but I’m positive there’d be missions in urban areas where you’d encounter barricades, patrols, dividing lines etc.

I’d like to see a tank. Turret and everything. It’d be almost impossible to ever find one that still works, but it’d be great for parts. Imagine a death-mobile with tracks.

That’s yet another question - if you mind the setting (since the outbreak), where is the majority of the armed forces at? They don’t seem to leave behind working hardware, especially tanks (you’ve seen the heli drops). But armored cars, transporters for anti-riot troops - that’s seems straight enough.

I think that would be awesome. Also, some kind of “fortress” build by groups of survivors would be very awesome.

Well, the game IS set in the New England countryside. I assume all the tanks and heavy gear were being used to protect cities.

One problem with Massive Cities is that the mapgen works in large tile-chunks. With the current code, no city can be larger than one such chunk, because it’s not very good at integrating things between chunks.