Different city generation themes

Hi guys i was thinking, why do all towns have to look the same? Why are they so similar?
I think different things could have happened to different towns, maybe there could be different themes of city generation?

I could imagine the following:

Ghost town - Theese towns have suffered some sort of ill fate involving a heavy blast, buildings mostly empty, lots of radiation and lots of ruined things, very few wrecks of any use. Not many monsters besides maybe giant cockroaches
Triffid town - Theese have been infested by triffids! Weird growth everywhere!
Insect town - Theese towns were overran by giant insects! Zombies replaced with insect monsters
Blob town - Theese towns were filled by blobs that ate all the zombies! Wow!
NPC fort - The military and locals responded quickly here, zombies were dealt with and now this is the home of various NPCs to trade and/or get mercilessly, brutally mrudered by

Suggest more towns that could be generated! Discuss!

these would be good mods when the mod manager is in.

I think a lot of these could happen spontaneously if map generation were more robust; triffids, nests, slime and fungal structures are set to occur primarily outside the proper city limits at the moment (and none can as of yet expand into more fruitful ground.)