The Wiki Thread

The Mod Manager page was inaccurate.

According to the wiki:

"path": If the mod overwrites an existing file, state the path of the file here.

It would appear the wiki lies. What actually happens:

    if (jo.has_string("path")) {
        m_path = jo.get_string("path");
        if (m_path.empty()) {
            // If an empty path is given, use only the
            // folder of the modinfo.json
            m_path = main_path;
        } else {
            // prefix the folder of modinfo.json
            m_path = main_path + "/" + m_path;
    } else {
        // Default if no path is given:
        // "<folder-of-modinfo.json>/data"
        m_path = main_path + "/data";

In other words, path specifies the directory that contains the .json files, relative to mod_info.txt. I will update the wiki page accordingly.

If anybody is here, can somebody please tell me how to add crafting tables to the bottom of pages? I’m trying to do it with the page on lemonade I added, and I created its’ own crafting table page and everything, but I can’t get the damned table to go onto the main lemonade page. Please help.

I have no idea. I’m kinda confused about it as well.

Edit: this seems the template that calls the crafting recipe. So… it needs the same pagename. I think.


Well, that fixed it. It needed lower case L for lemonade.

Thanks a lot Soy.

The only other thing is, how can I add things like lemonade or other drinks to the “liquids&drinks” footer at the bottom of the page?

[quote=“IcedPee, post:84, topic:823”]Thanks a lot Soy.

The only other thing is, how can I add things like lemonade or other drinks to the “liquids&drinks” footer at the bottom of the page?[/quote]

Edit this:

You can see the different templates used (including the ones used by other templates) at the bottom of a page when editing a page. That way you can look in the tree of templates used.

Thanks Soy, I jumped on the bandwagon.

In related news, I suggested splitting the Crafting page but I’m running into problems, set up a separate sandbox whatever page to show how I envision it.

For the stats and skills page, should we just combine the two? Many stats determine the overall effectiveness of a skill (strength affects melee damage, intelligence increases rate of skill comprehension, etc.), and pointing out the relationship between a stat and the skills it affects will help people understand the game mechanics and use character builds in a more effective manner. We should consider putting the two pages together and showing the relationship between stats and skills.

This is a big change, and i was wondering whether or not anyone else would be onboard with this.

Possible error for the registry/unregistered edit pages on the wiki.
Wasn’t sure where to put this or if anyone else had already mentioned any of it, but War Novel has Western Novel’s information in it and Western Novel doesn’t exist as a page. It bugged me so I tried to edit it but the cat pictures thing isn’t showing up, meaning I can’t register or edit pages. I took a look at the source code where I found a link to here:
around the cat picture code.

Not sure if that’s what’s causing it, but I found this on the linked page:

WARNING: Asirra, the cat and dog CAPTCHA, is closing permanently on October 6, 2014. Please contact this site\'s administrator and ask them to switch to a different CAPTCHA. Thank you!
which means it was to show up bolded and in red on the captcha itself, but as I said I don't know if that 's why it's not showing up for me. Also, in case it's just a problem on my end, I copied the book template and changed the data to represent War Novel in a text editor:
{{Book {{row/Books |name=war novel |description=A thrilling narrative of survival in a prisoner of war camp during the Second World War, filled with riveting subplots about rat farming and dysentery. |weight=686 |tohit=0 |color=c_brown |reqint=7 |glyph=1 |mat1=paper |mat2=null |volume=3 |bash=-2 |cutting=0 |readtime=20 |fun=4 |skill=none |price=55 |reqskill=0 |chapters=28 }} {{Books}} [[Category:Books]]
which someone who can edit pages can paste into the proper section.

Basically, if the wiki does use the Asirra CAPTCHA, this pretty much means the pages with it are unusable to unregistered users through no fault of the wiki itself. As one of those pages is registration, that could be a problem.

Has anyone taken a look at the CAPTCHA?

Org issues, sorry. We’re working on it.

Update: we’re working on replacing the captcha, but in the process got botted about as bad as it was back when I was on GearHeadWiki.

Currently the wiki’s locked down HARD and I’m working on the problem. And merging. And umpteen other things. If folks are available to play Whack A Spammer, reply here and I’ll see about getting a group together to get us operational in time for the release.

Update, 2d: I think Kevin and I have whacked all the spammers, and I’m looking into a new captcha. I hope to have it unlocked and operational by this time tomorrow.

I’m pleased to report that the captcha is operational and editing/account-creation is unlocked once more. Feel free to head over and give it a shot.

How do I indicate books required for the recipes? I thought I’d update some crafting templates, but all I managed to do is un-set the autolearn flag.

Looks like you add lines for book_learn# (the actual value is the book name, and wikilinking works; # = 1-6, in order of which recipe entry you’re talking about) and book_learn #_lvl for the level you need to get the recipe from that book. i cribbed from the spaghetti bolognese code.

Say… were you using the same ID (KA101)?

[size=8pt]my deepest apologies for OT…[/size]

Say… were you using the same ID (KA101)?

[size=8pt]my deepest apologies for OT…[/size][/quote]


Well, then. I thought I saw a familiar name. May this project not go the same way, eh?

There have been some times when it was a near thing, but yeah.

Has anyone else had problems with accessing the wiki?

I’ve had a bunch of intermittent 500 page inaccessible errors over the past few days and today I got a new error preventing me from accessing the wiki saying it was: over the maximum users allowed? or something like that. Waited a few minutes and everything seems to be working fine now.

( Yeah, first post. Pity it has to be about this )

I did have 500 or above max number of users errors, too.