The way spells interact with walls

For now spell will stop on a tile in front of wall no matter its power. So even paper wall can stop max level magic bolt that do damage similar to .50 BMG ammo. It is stupid, don’t you think?

I just made mod that adds terrain and furniture shatter effect, but because of this limitation i was not able to achieve the main goal - give player the ability to shatter doors and walls if his spells is powerful enough.

Im even ready to code that myself, if the developers will allow me

You don’t need developer permission, its an open source project. Just do yer thing and then put in a pull request in the repo to get it brought in.

Can you please explain how it works? Do I need to fork main branch, change code and then put in a pull request with my fork and main branch as comparements?

How to add my mod to the base game? Make it in-built i mean
With whom i need to contact about that?

  1. Examine how spell template json gets turned into a spell in the game
  2. Change behaviour of the module that reads spell jsons to work the way you want
  3. Send pull request to main repo with your changes