The Truth about Cataclysm DDA

So I’m a old school roguelike player (as in my first game was Castle Wolfenstein, no not Castle Wolfenstein 3D, Castle Wolfenstein released in 1983 on the C-64) and jumped right into Cataclysm. First I love the game, even though I don’t think I’ve lived an hour of playtime… Still finding my feet… BUT in all those deaths I finally came to see through the shroud placed over our minds by the devs of the game… This isn’t a game about a zombie/robot/triffid apocalypse… This is a game about you being a zombie in the normal world trying to survive, and all of those supposed ‘zombies/triffids/robots/worms/etc’ out there are simply how your addled virus ridden brain is making sense of the world. The various ‘zombie’ types are actually humans with say cattle prods and shock grenades, or poison sprayers and the like trying to take you down. When you invade a person’s house trying to find a place to stay safe you are actually breaking into a real person’s house and perhaps killing them. Those that get up after you gnaw on them simply got medical attention in the intervening time. The Triffids, Fungoid, and Me-Gos are simply different types of bionic humans that your virus infected brain make look like that so that you can hopefully make sense of the situation. The robots… well ok they ARE robots.

But really this is a game and story about how a few unfortunate individuals who became infected are being hunted down and killed by their fellow man simply because now they are different, when all he wants to do is return home to the fold. But really how else can you explan things like them forgetting most every skill they had except the absolutely most ingrained ones and havign to re-learn simple tasks like driving? It’s almost like they are having to start from scratch and retrain themselves. I bet even when you talk to the few NPCs around you are actually speaking back and forth in grunts and minor utterances and the virus translates the basic meaning in your brain.

“This is all in your head Luigi.”

It’s the war between blob zombies and qolq zombies.

The radio said “No, John. You are the demons”
And then John was a zombie.

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In Soviet Russia, the game plays you?

I won’t lie, I’ve thought about playing into this kind of scenario, making the zombies act more like regular humans when they aren’t interacting with you, but frankly it’s too much work for too little gain, and the monster infighting makes the whole thing inconsistent anyway.

I had something related to this idea with the zombie moan thing in the

I plan to add more sensible idle behaviors (even if just “zombies sometimes hide in nearest houses when it rains”) and some of those could be extended to shit like zombie children going to school during the day, then back home at night. Though this would require allowing them to path.

You should’ve started work on coding that for today.

yeah, you own us all your free time. cut from your sleep time if you have to.

Speaking of which, hell. I guess it was technically april fool’s day on the other side of the world when the OP posted this thread.

So it’s like this.

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