Too Much L4D

I just recently downloaded the game and realized something, everything in this game is quite realistic such as crafting, noise, driving etc. The only thing that REALLY annoys me, are the special zombies. If the game was made with great realism in mind, why ruin it with all this ‘shocker zombie’ and ‘zombie hulk’ Malarkey? Please give a response explaining and why the classic zombies only option isn’t working in 0.3?

Classic zombie does work, if you delete your save file after enabling it

Still not working, know any other way to activate it?

Cataclysm isn’t realistic.

Go exploring outside the cities. What do you find? Giant mosquitos, monsterous ants, fungaloids and triffids. None of these are really that realistic. Cataclysm is detailed in crafting, yes, but it’s not a game meant to be realistic.

  • Open the game
  • Select (O)ptions
  • Set Classic Mode to true and exit the screen
  • ®eset your world
  • Go to your Cata dir and delete your save folder
  • Open the game
  • Create a character. Don’t use a preexisting template. Create a new one. This probably isn’t needed, but it’s just to make sure, as you’re having problems
  • Start playing

That should solve it. Other than that, I don’t know.

That worked and I thank you, however, I started with an active mini nuke in my inventory, when should I throw it out or is it just a bug?

Throw it. And keep clear.

Clearness was great, mutation not so

BTW, it’s one of those bugs that has become a “feature”. Whenever you get something activated that goes BOOM just throw it as soon as you can and run away. Because active really means active.

And I meant keep clear from the explosion (although I’m not too fond of mutants TBH, nor bio-poshes :P)

Everything that has to do with your survival is realistic. Everything else that will attack you? They will be as outlandish as necessary to ramp up the difficulty.