The Story of My First Science Lab

Well, I’ve finally found it! A Science Lab! I’m practically bursting with excitement over the beautiful possibilities of advanced weapons, bionics, and finally a chance to advance to post-threshold mutations. I’ve spent the past week preparing a forward base in a cabin nearby with all the medical care, food, and repair material I could ever need, and I’m finally ready to delve into the lab.

I tentatively explore the initial room, and to my pleasant surprise there are practically no zeds as compared to the basic Labs. This will be a cake walk! With increasing confidence I turn on my flashlight and tour the nearby rooms. Even the Kevlar Zombie I find is no match for me, and I can peruse the first floor of the lab with reckless abandon, and I’m not even that disappointed that I’ve found nothing. That is, until I reach The Room.

In The Room there are countless TALON UGVs. Just peeking in my torso gets shot up real bad, but I’m determined. This isn’t going to stop me, I put on my ESAPI vest and take them all down one by one. Nothing some pure determination can’t flatten. Once The Room was clear I begin to peruse. In the center of the otherwise empty room is a box of reinforced glass, holding some amazing loot no doubt.

I step into the room and gain the achievement for entering a finale room? Disappointing that the lab is only one floor, but the loot from this room should definitely be worth the effort. I crack open the door to the glass box… and inside are 38 mininukes! Holy fuck! I seal up that damn box and book it out of there, I don’t need to mess with any of that, I like my character very much. And that’s the story of my first Science Lab, little loot and a huge scare at the end.

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Sounds like some interesting finale loot, anyway. I would have hauled them back to my base (and, after the first one, made sure to check they weren’t damaged, which they shouldn’t be: my first one was apparently leaking a little radiation, although I never noticed any effects. Fixed that by repairing the thing). On the other hand, you know where to get them should you need them.

Otherwise taking out robotic enemies is best done using a hacking laptop, but it requires high skills and, I think, the finding of a high skill recipe in a book. Also, you need a high computer skill to succeed with your hacking (although the skill is trained ever so slowly through the attempts).