The recharging station

I found it in a garage. I’ll let the description tell you want it is…

You have to install it on a storage compartment in vehicles. Meaning trunks, boxes, and maybe stow boards.

'Parrently you need the rechargeable battery mod.

i think the drills are rechargeable. The other are replaceable.

I have never found a use for drills.

This works with the rechargeable battery mod–just merged the other night. Not mine though.

Blows up rainbows

KA101 is right. You need to find a rechargeable battery mod and apply it to your tool. With the tool in the box the station is installed on, the tool will gain 1 charge every 10 turns, for a total of 100 charges/hr.

So is it craftable or do you find it? If craftable, what are the skills/components required?

And batteries recharged this way cannot be taken out of the thing they have been recharged in, so you can’t make batteries out of thin air, you’re merely recharging the rechargable tool mod.

It’s desrik’s addition. Great idea, IMO. Saves having to manually swap batteries around.

/KA101 hopes it works for his mp3 player, geiger counter, etc–hasn’t had the chance to try it :wink:

The rechargeable battery mod is learned from an electronics manual or textbook at electronics level 3 and craftable at lvl 5. The recharge station is learned and craftable at level 8. The reason for this is due to the fact that having these items not require batteries could be considered over-powered, I have them aimed at mid-end game characters. They are still in the spawn lists though, just on a very low chance of spawn.

This should work on any tool that the battery compartment mod works on.

Would love to have an UPS with rechargeable battery mod and somehow recharge it with solar cells =

Infinite laz0r gun action! pew pew!

Oh god, thats crazy. Batteries were one of the few things holding back my characters, since the components to make them can be tough to locate at times.

Now I’ll be OP in three days instead of a week. lol

FYI you need to turn on said recharger in the vehicle control pannel. i nearly tore apart my truck trying to get this to work before realising. :confused: