The Quantum backpack mods


Hello im GDAWS or basically a newbie on this site and I wanted to make mods on this game for a while and I did. I have a mod called Quantum backpacks for mid to late game it basically adds 2 backpacks the Quantum backpack that can carry 250 litre’s and the Quantum duty Backpack 750 litre’s exactly without packmule they are very powerful and can be upgraded to their UP versions by literally messing with pocket dimensions adding more tech and mixing two of the same together while of course risking creating blackholes (though that wont happen ingame its just there to scare you…you madlad) but their intended to spawn in secret labs and military bases and are also supposed to be extremely rare like finding a good girlfriend rare (its a joke) and im not sure if the game will do that automatically or I have to set up the spawn rate which I dont know how and the recipes are also something I need to learn (and I know that having a massive capacity item is a bit useless due to the weight system im also doing a workaround without messing with the core files of the game)

Added radioactive leakage upon being damaged for balance however the material thickness has been buffed as the backpacks are made of strong materials not paper

Recipes for UP Versions of Quantum BP and Quantum Duty BP will be added later as its planned to have special book on how they are planned and created



What happens if I dump one pocket dimension I side another one ? Also you could make them leak radiation when damaged just for that bit of balance


The balance is that the Quantum backpack and the Quantum duty backpack can conduct electricity which can be lethal if your dealing with shockers or broken generators the UPs versions dont because you cover them with leather and mess with pocket dimensions however I do understand that this can be considered cheaty or cheesy but this my first mod and it would be cool to add a radiation effect but then it wouldnt be so mid to late game useful if its killing you slowly and making you consume radaway like a thirsty boi


I’m talking about making it like the atomic items,when damaged they leak radiation


Ahhhh i get ya thats actually really cool Idea for balance except that I dont know how to do that im a newbie at this but maybe I can find a reference in the items.json to add that


I just say one thing DO IT as long as you are having fun modding you should continue doing it


Question which Item does that by the way I havent been so lucky in finding them ingame whether with cheats or without them?


100% sure:Atomic coffee maker,atomic night light,atomic lamp

Probably: ADVANCED UPS,plutonium cell,fusion pack/bootleg fussion pack and mininuke

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Definitely mini nuke


basically you would create a blackhole but that never happens ingame, Its done and released