The Mutation Re-Creation Project!


what about letting spider mutations make silk (as in a item named silk that works like in game thread) and would you also do brand new mutations or is it just moding existing one?


I will be adding new mutations, but my capacity to do so is limited without assistance.


Would like to have a 4 armed toon actually be able use those extra 2 arms.

Extra melee. Being able to hold things that apply to those extra arms(ammo holders, gloves, watches, etc)

Be able to hold more than 1 object at a time. If 1-2 hand throwing system gets implemented; be able to hold a 2 handed object while using the other pair to toss something else. This opens up a plethora of game details that wouldn’t effect the balance. Lots of enemies could potentially have more than 2 arms. That spider/jumpy bastard zombie for example could not only hop all over you. But he could beat the daylights out of your toon with 4 arms!


Oh I would adore some more stuff done with mutations. All my characters are mutants from the start because of how unique the game play is between all of them. Genetic Chaos sure leads to interesting characters. If there’s one thing I’d like though it’s a trait or mod to bypass the serum threshhold limitations.

Mutations are at their best when they change the core of how a character is played. It may not always be convenient to have but I do feel that’s half the point of mutations, the large gameplay shifts. Bionics are there for just super powering a character, mutations form the character of characters.

Regardless of my ramblings I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on this.


One idea is another three the shadow men/camo boi and the brute/strong boi

Shadow men is an modified strain of the alpha mutagen with the camo skin of an octopus/chameleon that can change its skin color,pattern and even texture to match the ambient being like an camo cloak instead of UPS power it is natural,this mutation makes you more agile and fragile,it’s similar to elfa thanks to the high quality night vision,also gives you scent vision and lowers your scent,you become more fragile and weaker,this is supposed to be an long range hit and run type of build with things that higher your charismatic,you also become blind during the day :stuck_out_tongue:

The brute/strong boi:an extremely strong mutation,it is extremely poor with ranged skill, basically an more extreme chimera just not dumb or furrie


A high end gene machine or something at a lab finale for fine tuning your mutations would be nice.
Having less morale penalty for dead eaters eating tainted meat would also be great

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