The Mutation Re-Creation Project!


what about letting spider mutations make silk (as in a item named silk that works like in game thread) and would you also do brand new mutations or is it just moding existing one?


I will be adding new mutations, but my capacity to do so is limited without assistance.


Would like to have a 4 armed toon actually be able use those extra 2 arms.

Extra melee. Being able to hold things that apply to those extra arms(ammo holders, gloves, watches, etc)

Be able to hold more than 1 object at a time. If 1-2 hand throwing system gets implemented; be able to hold a 2 handed object while using the other pair to toss something else. This opens up a plethora of game details that wouldn’t effect the balance. Lots of enemies could potentially have more than 2 arms. That spider/jumpy bastard zombie for example could not only hop all over you. But he could beat the daylights out of your toon with 4 arms!