[Mod] All Mutations Unlocked @ Character Creation

[size=8pt]This simple alteration of the mutations.json file enables all mutations as selectable traits during character creation. The +/- values required to select them were unaltered but simply flagged to be selectable when creating your character. Also, this means that you can select and stack mutations such as very intelligent with insanely intelligent for now. If people like this simple mod then I will go back and try to balance it out a bit. Simply download this JSON file attached and overwrite your old file. Be sure to make a back up copy of the original though.

#Edit - As it would not allow me to upload an attachment here, I had to resort to using off forum methods and thus which is why I used the above hosting site.[/size]

FWIW the Insanely stat-ups should probably be worth another point: the seventh (and subsequent) point(s) in each stat, at chargen, costs two character points. IOW, it costs one point per to go to 14, but 15 and up cost two points each. You start at 8.

Without this change, directly buying Insanely X is more cost-effective than manually raising the stat.

Other major issue: IIRC starting traits can’t be (permanently) removed, but also don’t count toward your mutation category. Turns out that eight-tentacled, furry, toe-taloned bodies are the human norm, I guess. :wink:

[size=8pt]Haha. Indeed. Like I said though, I simply enabled them to be selectable during character creation. I didn’t change anything other than flagging them for start up. If people actually like this mod/idea then I will go back through it and actually put more effort into making sure it is balanced as much as possible.[/size]

Well, gimme a heads-up before pushing this for mainline? Makes mutation-categories and balancing a bit tricky. :-/

[size=8pt]Well, I doubt I will push for this to be put into the main game unless there was widespread demand for it. For now I am content with keeping it as a semi mod for people to download should they wish and tweak it should it be required.[/size]


I’d probably vote against it if you did, being able to hand-pick what kind of mutant you become before being saturated by radiation seems a little wrong in my mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said nice mod!

I’d probably vote against it if you did, being able to hand-pick what kind of mutant you become before being saturated by radiation seems a little wrong in my mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said nice mod![/quote]

[size=8pt]Indeed, which is why I would probably just be happy keeping this as a simple mod. For the most part I think this would be for role playing purposes only or to have more options when creating the character you want at start up. I could probably do two versions of it with the second being more restrictive in the choices you get.[/size]

While this sounds like a very good candidate for the Mod Manager, I have to agree it doesn’t really belong in mainline.

Yep. Definitely something that would be fun to play around with, but probably not something that will be mainlined. Might end up getting included in the Mod Showcase once we get mod manager up and running though, for easy download and distribution.

[size=8pt]Again, I agree for the most part. When I did this, the thought of going mainline never entered my mind. I just figured it would be a neat thing to play around with without savescumming mutagen or using the debug feature for mutations. Since you still have to spend points to get them. I think it could be very fun once I balance it out some.[/size]

I will actually probably end up using this, myself. I don’t get a whole lot of time to play, and I’ve done the beginning of the game tons of times, so anything that lets me “skip ahead” is pretty nice, personally. :stuck_out_tongue:

[size=8pt]Ah well that is good. I like being able to create scenarios before entering the game and I think this adds a small part to being able to do just that. I am actually working on balancing it out right now, changing some names and descriptions, and tweaking point costs. It will take some time to go through all of it as you are well aware that the json file is pretty lengthy. Once I am done, however, it should be way more enjoyable than just flagging all mutations as selectable.[/size]

As someone upthread said, I would love to play around with this mod a bit!

[size=8pt]Well, you are free to download the file if you would like to test it out. The link is in the original post. Be warned though that every mutation is unlocked and you can easily exploit it when creating a character. Once I get a bit more free time, I hope to actually do more with this mod and make it more fun/balanced. For now, it is a neat thing to toy around with to test out mutations and do a bit of role playing.[/size]

I can’t seem to download the file.

May just be me being impatient, but as I’ve just stated, not working.

[quote=“Iceblaster, post:16, topic:4095”]I can’t seem to download the file.

May just be me being impatient, but as I’ve just stated, not working.[/quote]

[size=8pt]I just tested it and it downloads for me, so I’m not sure what the problem could be. I plan to rework it anyway, balance it out and all of that. When I do, I’ll host it on several sites to be sure people can download it. For some reason, it won’t allow me to upload a file to the forums.[/size]

I didn’t quite look at the .json script, but does it offer you a powerful, random set of mutations to begin with and enjoy a profoundly different game with only so little hassle involved?

[size=8pt]Sorry for the late response. As it stands now, the file simply flags every (and I mean every) mutation as a selectable trait during character creation. The default point cost was unaltered. Right now you could make a powerful starting character off it alone but it would still cost your a decent chunk of points. Hopefully I will be able to go back and balance it out, taking out everything but the low level mutations or something.[/size]

Can we get this as a supplemental mod now that the mod manager DOES work?