Mutation Idea (Probably OP)

Unfortunately not a modder myself, but I wanted to pose the idea.

Upgraded version of Robust Genetics: Genetic Memory

when your character is about to undergo a mutation, they are given a list of options:

  1. Allow, the mutation to proceed as normal

  2. Influence, taking on a mutation that your character has had previously that arent currently active.

  3. Purify, similar to 2 but you use the impending genetic change to remove a mutation you have, or change it to the previous level (Reptilian Muzzle to Snout, for instance) EDIT: this cannot remove any mutations that cannot be removed with purifier.

  4. Suppress, completely nullify the upcoming mutation.

I like the idea that your character can become accustomed to mutating to the point that their body gains some instictive control over the process, but its also really damn strong, so balancing suggestions would be appreciated. Maybe it can only be gained from having been mutated a certain number of times, and trying to control the mutations have some drawback like causing pain to your character, especially suppressing.

random 3 mutations to choose from. this includes purify and stop mutation process.
for example.
from carnivore you can get

  1. cannibal
  2. random
  3. random
    dpends on the values, you can get purifier or different random mutations or stop mutating. this can only apply if mutating due to radiation or serum(if applies). could be a good Mod, if i could mod haha. Calling upon the Modding Gods to review.
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That’s pretty solid too. I’d prefer if suppressing the mutation was a constant option, but it comes with the cost of a lot of pain, food, hydration, health, and so on. Perhaps similar if given the option to choose a mutation not specifically on the random roll.

Why not better a shapeshifter mutation, where the post-threshold mutations lets you change some modifiers, like the size mutations for example (like choosing between large or tiny) or something that lets you change to full mutation to normal human (like if you were a werewolf xD)

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From what I’ve seen the random rolling for mutations isn’t a well liked mechanic, something that I kinda agree with. I saw someone talk about changing mutations to be more of an over time process of adaptation rather than grinding mutagens for random rolls, which sounds good but thats a massive overhaul, so this is an idea that (I think) is a somewhat simple middle ground. A shapeshifter branch of mutations does sound pretty cool though.

I got an idea and i dont know if anyone else has before me but it is a mutagenik infection are Maybe a sickness you got liked stabbed buy something muteted creature in the sewers and if you don’t get right medicin or clean in time you get 1D3 one two three bad mutations when I start to think about it More I realized That it is tearable ide

You mean like, when you walk in the waste dump?, and you get mutatons because the radiation, or like when you get shot by a yugg?

At-will mutations should also cause more pain than normal, unless you purposely choose not to find out what mutation it is and let it happen, then it would be lower than normal.

Kinda risk-reward.

I’d rather have a shapeshifter be a threshold-crossing thing, that makes you lose all of your mutations and discerning characteristics and become a blank body. Think slenderman but without the suit and back tentacles, and with mouth, and be able to see and hear even though you have no eyes or ears.

Here’s the catch, at the cost of A LOT of nutrition and hydration, and 1 minute of change time and some pain, you can gain a max of 5-10(depending on the state of your health) mutations of the other mutation lines until you decide to change back to your featureless form, where you’ll lose the mutations again but be able to choose another batch that fit the situation you’re in. You’ll have the entire list at your disposal, so you’ll even be able to get post-threshold things of other lines, but I think to balance things out a post-thres mutation of another line would cost 2 mutation slots.

Thats a whole new level, i got overwhelmed just thinking on how to code the automatic changes from one shape to another. Maybe starting small, like something like a mutation that lets you wear everything without restriction and everything fits perfectly, or that at cost of nutrition it lets you regenerate limbs, not just damage, but broken and missing limbs too, or that lets you activate mutations that works like weapons by changing your limbs

I think this should apply to mutations from Genetically Unstable/Genetic Chaos as well, since the idea is your character’s genetic code adapting and evolving. Mutagens make sense since they’re the catalyst for this change, Genetically Unstable/Genetic Ghaos is like your body continually adapting itself. If anything, radiation should be the one that doesn’t count since there is no rhyme or reason to how radiation messes
with your genetic code.

was thinking of that rouge like game where when you level up, you get to choose 1 option, be it helpful or harmful for your character.