The most tragic thing I found. NOT to NPC neither to me. But to zombie I killed

While roaming around using my boat. I stumbled upon this riverside dwelling and found this.
A brainless zombie in a metal cage. It made me think that someone (NPC) did this.
I investigate the house and found no one.
Then I heard whunk in one of the rooms.
I moved closer to the door. Drop my heavy MOLE, my Winchester, and M4A1.
I draw my combat knife, prepare my brawling style, and grit my teeth and prepare for a good fight.
As I open the door, the zombie jump out. And because I am prepared, I killed the zombie.

I went farther inside the room and found that it was the bathroom. I look around for things that i can use and found these items in the tub.

====find what actually happen to the before I encounter this zombie====

For me I’d say it’s the suicide house.
Not sure if it’s still in game…

I once went into a mansion and found a bathroom with a locked door, that had an empty gun, a casing of some sort, clothing and a blood soaked rag in it.
It’s likely just been a lucky random find, given how scattered all these items were, but it fitted well; I imagined someone got cornered/infected and shot himself/herself. I found it funny and immersive… but it was all my own fantasy.

Not so much my find months later, in another version and world… I went into a (random) house and found on top of a chair a human corpse, clothing, and a long rope.
There was no wiggle room to interpret this, no fantasy, no “random generation” resulting in this; someone clearly hung themself, no doubt.
As likely as this would happen in real life, I still consider it a tragic find. It caught me by surprise and it didn’t have the same “fun” flair as trying to “reconstruct” what happened based on just a few hints. It was just… depressing.

Since this was in a version before human corpses started to reanimate, I consider it very unlikely to run into that situation again, as the corpse will probably walk away nowadays, taking a bit away from that shock moment.

First one was in a military underground bunker.
Once inside, I checked the various rooms: this one was some sort of shelter, with kitchen, mess hall, small barracks, etc.
In the last single room I found her body. There was a table with a map of the area, a empty glass and a bottle of whiskey (missing a single shot) on. She was wearing just her underwear and beside her body there was a .45 gun with a bullet missing, the casing on the floor.

Worst one was a open mass grave adjacent to a park in the middle of a city.
In front of the mass grave there were a few wooden posts with human remains, ropes and clothes. Machine gun casings were scattered on the grass.

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Hey me too. But I think it’s not the same military bunker, because mine i had to swipe military ID cards on entrance.

For some weird reason I find these Drunk 'n Sad people quite frequently…

Trailer parks can have a bathroom with the corpse of a suicide in the tub. But the king of tragic finds in the Cataclysm has to be that secluded farmhouse with the graves. You’ll know when you find it.

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I see your futile attempt to mercy a zombie, and I raise you a child zombie wearing a nano-skirt.
the implications of this do not end well no matter how you spell it

I was wondering, would it be too cruel if the game implement the mechanic, that when your loyal dog that died protecting you, raise from the dead as a zombie dog a la I Am Legend, Leading you to take a Providence about it?

I remember finding the trailer with the suicide bathroom. There was a shotgun and an empty shotgun hull if I recall correctly.

That was the first tragic scene I ever found in-game and nudged me out of rampaging town after town with abandon. I couldn’t help but think how the game just got a little less hack & slash and a little bit darker, more personal.

And I raise you a child zombie wearing a nano-skirt and carrying a plastic bag of heroine.
That was seriously “WTF?!?”.

Someone likes their women just like their whiskey.

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there is a survivor note that says something along the lines of “please let me shit before the zombies get me” that must have been the bathrrom with the corpse in it

Uh, the bathroom in the mansion didn’t have a corpse in it. Unless you’re talking about the person who clearly committed suicide, which wasn’t a bathroom (if I remember right)…

sorry i must have misread