Steak knife raising blunt weapon skill more than cutting?

While playing recently, I decided to try for a mêlée build focusing more on cutting weapons than my standard of using bashing weapons. I started out using just the pocket knife, but I soon upgraded to a steak knife once I found one, and later picked up a butcher knife.
Checking my skills after scavenging the nearby town for a few days, I was surprised to see that my blunt weapon skill was at 3, while my cutting weapon skill had not raised a single level, though it had some percentage raised. I had not used any other weapons beside the knives, and such a large difference seemed odd to me, even though knives can do some blunt damage. I used the option with mild skill rust, that doesn’t decrease past skill levels.
Did I just have a freaky chance occurence of getting blunt weapon skill more frequently or are the knives, mainly the steak knife, not raising skills as I expected them to?

Hey the reason is because bashing comes before cutting in skills list.

Hitting something with a steak knife will train melee, bashing and cutting, if you have 800xp then cutting will raise fine (dunno if it will raise more quickly then bashing) however when you only have a few xp then melee and bashing will eat up all the xp and by the time you get to cutting there will be little or nothing left.

However you can fix this problem by going into the character menu and scrolling through your skills and press spacebar to toggle learning skill or not that way you can use your steak knives to increase your cutting without bashing or melee hogging all the points. Have to remember to turn it back on though when you want to raise the skills again.

…the hell? A Steak/Butcher Knife is supposed to be a “bashing” weapon???

What is the reasoning there???

'tis a bug, not intentional functionality.

Thanks for mentioning the ‘do not raise this skill’ thing, that’s incredibly useful, and probably explains why my experience would get chewed through so readily without really amounting to anything. Probably should test whether or not skills drain with it on, but whatev.

In 0.4, your disabled skills will still rust.

In the current dev version, they’ll still rust as normal, but only if you haven’t practiced them recently (and “practicing” in this case doesn’t require spending any XP).

I did not know that you could turn skills of like that :open_mouth: That is really useful information. I’ll make use of that to practice the cutting skill until it’s fixed, thank you.

@Darkling Wolf
Okay, then it wasn’t just me having freaky chance rolls with my character :slight_smile: Good to know that at least, and that it might get fixed in the future?