The Launch of Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

The original Cataclysm was a great game, but it’s developer, Whales, has moved on to new pastures. That leaves us to carry to the torch. Building on the original Cataclysm code base, we hope that DDA becomes the new standard moving forward, and helps push the game out to a wider audience.

I’m not one of the more important people here - I’m just the guy who set up the website and forums. The real masters behind this version are the many people who’ve contributed to the code base to bring it to the state it is today. Whales, obviously, but also the people who continue development despite the lack of any official capacity.

First, The Darkling Wolf - Without DW, this project wouldn’t exist. The Darkling Wolf Mod managed to enhance the core Cataclysm game and pull together other amazing improvements from a wide variety of developers, leading to the original version of Dark Days Ahead. Fellow Administrator of the forums, and the offical “face” of the new project, DW is the person you should complain to if anything goes wrong, and the person you should laud (along with the other active devs) for the things you love. The Darkling Wolf will also be making the determination of what features end up included in the “official” and current version of Dark Days Ahead.

We also couldn’t have pulled this together without a lot of hard work by Creidieki, Uzername, Kevingranade, HerbertJones, Gim, Shades and Origamiwolf. Hopefully, they’ll all stop by sooner or later and introduce themselves, and continue making Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead even better.

And thanks to everyone reading this, because YOU are the people we’re doing this for!

If you’re interested in contributing, put your ideas into practice and post in the modding forum! We look forward to seeing what you can do.