The Kelvinistic Gourmand

Since Kelvinism is all about hot and cold, I thought that some spells to cook food right in your own hands or freeze perishables so they last long enough to haul home, I think it would be perfect for this as it would add alot of utility to the class.

maybe stormshaper could be used to manipulate electricity for vehicles and other larger than bionic things. obv I dont really know anything about the modding process but I thought this could still make a cool suggestion :3

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Obviously there are loads of things these classes are supposed to be able to do if they existed in the real world but only recently have fire spells been given the ability to light things on fire if flammables are on the ground. I’d say to give it time but another obvious thing is that there is no way all of the possible things will be added.

Kelvinists should be able to cook and freeze food, as you’ve said, they should also be able to freeze bodies of water so you can walk across them and create steam explosions from water on the ground to provide cover in a similar manner as smoke bombs but also as a possible actual damaging explosive. They should also be capable of boiling an enemy’s blood/blob until they explode or die in a similar manner to a steam explosion. Two abilities they should most definitely be capable of is making their body colder or warmer as the situation demands until they’re comfortable. Lava shouldn’t be a issue to them either, simply freeze it. They could also turn the floor into lava by rapidly heating mineral ground to the point of melting. Need walls? Ice! Need a home? Igloo! Need to forge? Heat and bend the metal with your hands, dimwit!

And that’s just kelvinists. Of course there’s loads more but I’m not going to write a book on kelvinistic theory. Imagine what would need to be implemented to allow all that, and then think of the other classes. I’m all for these nifty things but I don’t think these can be added via modding and will require some infrastructure in the code to allow that sort of thing.

You never know what the future holds, but I wouldn’t hold my breath unless a dev found these cool enough to be added.

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yee true, didnt really know that it would take that much stuff to do all that but thats fair, hopefully there might be stuff like that in the future
biomancy+technomancy is so damn good btw

Are you referencing The World of Darkness? The original content is decent. But I hate the second wave of White Wolf. Kinda…felt like the way Marvel never shows blood. Its really strange. Not in a good way. Like Avengers doesn’t show people dying during an invasion…whereby lotsa people die :man_shrugging:

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there are loads of things you can do with magiclysm json, and i am always hoping to get more contributors to aid me!

shemefully Im not referencing anything that I know of, I did a quick google and if it is what I found then I only really know of vampire the masquerade.

shamefully my experience with modding goes about as far as using bodyslide&outfit studio for skyrim and tinkering with load orders
doubt I can really help with anything other than silly ideas and moral support

Forging metal ‘bare-handed’ could be accomplished with a virtual tool (same way Firefinger makes a virtual lighter). Turning floor into lava is a terrain alteration effect, already possible in the game. Ice walls or floor, not sure, don’t know if it’s possible or not. I do know of a mod that has spells for wall and pillar (ladder) creation, the Talismancy mod (search in the Discourse, there’s a thread for it), so it’s not a case of making a wall so much as having it made of ice. Only thing that even touched on ice as a material AFAIK was the old Blazemod with Gelid Blobs.