The Hunter's Lodge

So in my last couple game, I decided my objective would be to hunt as many critters as possible. I died in a stupid car accident, but not before finding quite a few trophy.

Not shown are most of the Netherworld Inhabitants (All except the last 4 of the wiki’s list) as well as the common robots. I didn’t find most of the subway dweller, despite spending 4 days in the subways, and I failed to find the more dangerous bots as well. At least one of each of those (Except the Fungal core) was killed bare-handed in melee.

So this thread is a thread for hunters, to share stories and strategies of how to find and bag the most sought-after trophies.

This describes my reaction to this thread perfectly.

So, among critters I failed to bad is the dermatik larva. I did try to let a dermatik at me for a while, and got it by the bugger a dozen time, but no larva came out of that. Any hint on how to get one?

Impressive. Though, I’m considering a nice perspective of bringing down a Fungal Spire with a keg of gasoline (yes, a beer one) and fire, but without cheating and mininukes. Also, out to try to shoot containers with large caliber rounds and cause havoc from afar.

I’d think melee is the way to go, if you can output enough damage. I’d have done it, but I after setting the fungal bloom on fire I couldn’t get near enough the spire, since it kept popping new walls that would feed the fire.

My Combat Monster waited for the entire Bloom to burn out before he pulled it off in 02Feb, but he had 12-14 ST, 17 DX, Long Talons, and Hydraulics (and he needed the Hydraulics). Nowadays the walls just respawn too bloody fast for melee chars to get a swing in. Kill a wall, step into range, bam! new wall spawns and pushes you out. >:(

Spires are made of stone; they’re immune to fire. It’s not a good idea to set a bloom on fire before destroying the spire.

It does get rid of all the stuff around the spire.

We need a fox hunting uniform, and a blunderbuss. Be a true gentleman. (complete with monocle)

EDIT: And horses!

But as you said yourself, the spire generates fungal walls as long as it stands, and the walls generate spores, so all you’re really doing is feeding a neverending smokescreen for the spire itself.

Easiest way, as usual, is to just kill the spire with gunfire. A couple of bursts from a submachine gun is enough.

[quote=“halberdsturgeon, post:7, topic:1729”]Spires are made of stone; they’re immune to fire.[/quote]Anti-materiel rifles would be the answer to this (although they don’t exist in this game, sadly). If they can punch through 3 inches of steel plating, they can no doubt do some damage to a giant stone mushroom.

In particular, the fungal terrain is slower to move across. But since range is pretty much the only way to fly, I’d agree that it’s not a particular issue.

I don’t think they’re actually supposed to be made of stone, their material is probably just set to stone to prevent people from trivially destroying fungal blooms with fire. Any gun is effective against a spire.

2 potential reasons:
1)You had too high of a dodge potential, and were dodging everything
2)You had thick armor, and the bugs couldn’t get through it to infect you.

+6 points for the awesome link.
+3 points for Brony

9/10, very respectable.