Cataclysm: DDA - Status

Simply put: What’s the status of the game? Is it still being updated?

Yes. There is at least one new experimental everyday.

This page outlines the activity level of the project:

Over the last month, the average activity level is between 4 and 5 pull requests merged per day, 3 issues closed per day, and 2 new issues opened per day.

Each pull request represents one or more new pieces of content, features, or bug fixes.

In case that doesn’t give enough context, I’d describe that as an “unbelievably high rate of change”.

Indeed. I don’t think we’re quite at the “Top 5 Github Project PR’s Merged Worldwide” level like we were at about 4 years ago when we had like 6 main devs working on it, but we aren’t that far away from that level either.

and yet this is the 2nd one of these threads asking if CDDA is dead that Ive read tonight…in the recent topics list. Should the homepage be updated to note the experimental builds more?

I’m pretty sure I posted this in one of the other threads where this came up as well, but we’re having a few issues updating the main page right now. Eventual goal is to shift over to a new one you can see the bare skeleton of here, though it obviously still needs some work.

OW Oh gah. To white. To bright. Was entirely to close to screen when I opened that link.

I think that might be one of the issues that makes i2amroy say, “it obviously still needs some work”.

:stuck_out_tongue: yeah I picked up on that. But I was curious what counted as ‘still needs work’

going to have to agree that snowblind falls in that column :stuck_out_tongue:

when I opened the link I was about 6 inches away from the tv Im currently using as a monitor. I should have waited till I was seated in my chair to open.

I’ve really been enjoying all the updates and tweaks to the game lately, great job everyone and thanks! Dunno where to put this and didn’t want to start a new thread so here seems fine :).