The fragment glitch

I drive a bike at the roadblock and found a APC with the chicken walker, I blow the walker with my m72 law, and I pick some item found a dead soldier squad nearby,

somehow there’s gaint worm came out, and it dive at me direct, so I ran on the other side of the road, and worm can’t cross over, I know the bullets wont hit it, so I threw a grenade at it about 20 tiles away, then I ran into the APC and close the door,

then this happen, somehow, the fragments manage fly into the APC and dealing 5 damage to me, and even broke my backpack one level, I don’t know how,

after that, I found out, no matter how Iong(about 20 tiles,or even more) I threw grenade at the enemy or something else, the fragments is always hitting me, the only difference is, it sometime hurting you, and take you like between 3 and 10 damage, other time, it hitting you, but dealing no damage.

Is that fragments are suppose to flying this far?

There was a bug that did this, but I thought it got fixed a while back. Are you on the latest experimental?

Yes, I am, and yes and no, this was difference than before, because before this happen, is only the grenade blast range, and it can hurt you about 75 tiles away, the fragments affect much shorter than blast range bug before, it can only hit you like… I guess 30 tiles away, but it can still getting annoying, because it can also hitting you even you are inside the vehicle with the door are close, I’m not sure if it can fly through the wall, but it already can fly through the vehicle, and dealing 5 damage at me, and even broke my backpack.