The Elf Serum Question


I’m aware that in the experimental version a handful of new mutations have been added, so I’m curious if the Elf-A serum strain has received any love to it’s post-threshold mutations in the many months since .D and the present wiki page(s) on them.

Granted, not having to sleep and being able to work on projects all day every day is extremely good, it’s just that this element was pretty much the only element for the postthresh aside from the Elf’s joints being wubbly like a slime to an extent.

I’m not holding out for it since the wiki does seem to have been updated at some point, just out here hoping that the Elves get one or two additional mutation slots for their posthresh so that the investment feels better instead of getting almost everything from it without needing to lock into the track.

If you haven’t seen Mycorrhizal Communion yet, that’s a fun one available to both the Elf and Plant lines, I believe. I don’t know if it’s post-threshold or not, though.

It’s post-thresh if I remember correctly. Allows you to reveal overmap forest tiles if you’re in a forest tile if you’re willing to stand there for x amount of time multiplied by the amount of connected forest tiles to the forest tile you’re in. Not worth it as an elf IMO. As a plant you can afford to stand there for sometimes days on end before it has mapped out every connected tree tile and a little bit of overmap beyond the tree line. As an elf it’s a great way to starve and dehydrate yourself. Possibly even die.

I’d rather have the perk make it so that trees don’t block your vision if you’re on a dirt, grass or other plant tile. At least then it’ll be more useful and time-saving than how it is now. Seriously, I discover more overmap by walking and in much less time. And it’s not even limited to forest tiles!

Elf is still great, it’s just that the communion perk is much less useful as an elf.

Never been much of an Elf-a fan, myself. Tireless is awesome and the stat bonuses are decent if you’re not going melee. But chemical imbalance and the bad back / hollow bones combo are soooo obnoxious.

You just have to play the purifier shuffle until you get all the good stuff and none of the bad.

After about 2 Jerrycans of both muta and pura, you’ll get the combos you want.

i hope thats including the new way of how mutations works after .D (the one that throws all the mutations in the mutagen/serum, giving more chances to the respective mutagen).

And if you have Magiclysm installed, you can get lucky and get the druid spell that gives replenishes your fatigue (basically tireless but with mana), sometimes i wish to roleplay an elf-a druid with that spell and the one from the earthshaper thats gives you stamina, carrying a bow and rapier…

Even a single jerrycan of Elf-a mut is going to be seriously unpleasant to brew up. Regardless, IMO most of the other mutation trees also give better goodies.

Eh, to be fair, most folks going the Elf route are doing it for Roleplay reasons more so than anything else.

The Post-Thresholds for a lot of the muta strains likely need some improvements to make them each nuanced and worth their weight.

Granted, that requires legitimate game development and writing investment that a lot of the devs don’t often have. I think there’s two that are writers that add in a lot of the fluff text for Cata and create actual foundational lore, so all in time really.

Seems like Elf-A has a touch more to it, but it’s still undercooked.

Granted, that just means more room for us to get more mutas in the future.