Stretchy limbs for elves

Now, it’s not a bad mutation to have, but, it doesn’t make sense to me. The only, and I do mean the only time I’ve seen an elf have stretchy limbs is in an animated christmas-themed movie but the limbs were stretchy due to magic and not some sort of innate ability.

It’d make better sense if it were lanky limbs, or a lanky body, which would increase your height and the length of your limbs(giving you more reach, +1 dex, but make it easier to be toppled) and make most things not fit you, except that which you make yourself from that point on, requiring the player to make adjustments to many items. I know power armour cannot be refitted, so most you find will not be of great use if you have this mutation, but if you made a piece with the nanofabricator then I’d assume you’d be able to put in some sort of scaling factor for the blueprint in order to make it fit you when the production is complete.

Well, they’re not mythical fantasy elves, they’re weird mutants – the result of some deranged scientist’s unauthorized hobby project to rework the Alpha mutagen, hoping to produce something that resembled elves.
I assumed the “stretchy limbs” was what he wound up with when trying to remove the “disintegration” drawback of the alpha serum.

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One of the main advantages of elf mutation tree is that you can still wear all normal clothing including end game armour. Making the mutation so that you can’t wear normal clothing not only makes the mutation itself basically negative (+1dex is not worth being unable to wear normal clothing) but is also a BIG nerve to the build itself.

I also don’t see how lanky limbs are any more elf like as elves are in general portrayed as basically attractive humans with pointy ears.

You also seem to not have read the description: “Your limbs seem to have a little more ‘give’ in them. +1 dexterity” It means that your limbs can stretch a little bit more than before and have a greater degree of motion than before not that they can actually change length.

Alright, so I’ve misread it, having a higher degree of motion, essentially greater flexibility, is fine. This does not mean that the name itself isn’t misleading. Stretch is generally to lengthen, widen, or distend, so I assumed it meant you had a minor case of mr.fantastic going on. Had it been named ‘flexible limbs’ people would not make the connection with length extension.

… Reading this I do imagine contortionist level of flexibility - all wobbly and stuff. From the description I’d assume that you just gain a little bit more agility of your legs (tendons). So… maybe “Agile Limbs”?