The Daily Grind mod for CDDA

I’ve been developing a mod based on TGWeaver’s Backrooms mod.

The mod is inspired by The Daily Grind novel on RoyalRoad, being written by ArgusTheCat.

I made several changes to the mod, while adding some content to make the dimension feel less empty. I’ll be referring to the dimension as The Offices from now on.

Among those new things are:

-The offices and the normal, cataclysm world exist side by side, you can teleport between them by finding a special door and examining it.

-Said door can be found while wandering the fields in the normal world. It’s extremely rare though.

-Office monsters, you can find “fauna” in the dimension, most of them drop orbs, these are always beneficial.

-Eating said orbs gives various Permanent effects

  • Yellow orbs give a level in a random skill.
  • Smaller yellow orbs give 50% in a random proficiency.
  • Blue orbs solve problems. For now it patches up the player.
  • Green orbs “upgrade” areas. Think buffs for the whole area.
  • Purple orbs “upgrade” you. Random useful mutations.

And that’s really most of it, for specifics check the mod’s github page.


this is cool, took me along time to find a door