Another Day, Another Dollar

I present Another Day, Another Dollar.
Created by Keefteefa for 0.G Stable, I’ve updated it to work with Experimental, september 12th 2023 to be exact.
To be clear, I’ve updated !!!Keith mod and !UUUUU. !!Phe and Rhetoric are untouched.

0.G Stable version is available as a branch on my fork or follow it upstream.

Requires Magiclysm

This mod overhauls DDA into a world where magic was not only present, but exploited for corporate greed and available to the masses. Then the cataclysm happened. Contract with demons for power or summon them to aid you in battle. Every NPC has the chance to spawn with pretty much any spell available, so be wary. Magic trinkets were so ubiquitous as to be considered disposable. Guaranteed to make you say “What the fuck was that?”

I just got it updated last night. I really enjoyed this mod on 0.G and couldn’t wait for KeefTeefa to update.
Give them all your praise, they created this thing.

Edit: Talked with the author on discord. There’s a real update being worked on, with bug fixes and new content. I’ll be sure to update this message when they release it.

Edit2: it’s a few days later, I’ve had time to play test a little and the overwhelmingly biggest issue I noticed was $100 bill that was added causing various container issues. I think I’ve got them all covered, the repo’s been updated.