The Community Suggests:

Clever human.
If i’d have to go in details i would say that i included warning to my ‘advice’ and if it’s an advice from me you have to automatically assume to use my advice with extreme caution and it’s designed poisonous and to be a threat , which it actually was this time but the fact that i didn’t get seriously injured because of having reflex from the sound of the explosion which made me close my eyes before the plastic became an eye lander just makes my facts true and reveals the situation as non threatening for cautious humans that know what they are doing and don’t stick explosive canteens in liquid plastic just to make things more fun and the injuries don’t even need hospitalization , just some disinfectant and everything is fine.

i wanna be a politician.

I for one would enjoy a vampire mutation or disease. Can’t go out in the sun, gotta find clean blood from hospitals or NPCs once they’re implemented.