The Chef o'da Woods!

Pretty sure, that’s not preferable. Unless you like the taste of piss XD

Technically if the alcohol is made with something without any real flavor and that alcohol is mixed with the syrup. You would end up with a compromise. But up to the coders now =)

Root Beer:

So if coded in. Sassafras plants would be needed here. The fully grown tree can be harvested for a few small branches for their leaves. The small saplings can be dug up for the actual root. The sapling plant(once washed of dirt) can be chopped or crushed and boiled with the tree leaves.(not the sapling leaves, remove those).

Boil for about 10 minutes or so. Remove the solid plant matter. Filter it if you like for the liquid. Now add in a fist full of wintergreen leaves(fewer if you add 1/2 cup wintergreen berries). Add also for flavor 1-2 cups of birch sap(not syrup) and bring all of this to a boil for about 15 minutes.

Filter/strain solid bits out to have yourself a flat root beer. Also rather bland. But this is one way.


Another way to do it:

2 Sassafrass plants + roots washed/chopped(minus their leaves). Boil for 20 minutes. Strain/filter and keep liquid.

Add 1/2 cup Maple Syrup to the Sassafras liquid to taste.

For alcohol and/or carbonation. Add a pinch of yeast for 1 8-12oz container. However, if you do this in real life. You need a pressure release valve cork. Because depending on when you actually imbibe the liquid. It may build up too much pressure before you drink it and it will explode the container. You can typically buy these in a brewery store or on amazon.

You can also experiment with different flavors too. So if you make Birch syrup or Maple. This will taste different. Adding Wintergreen leaves and/or berries will be similar to birch sap/syrup. Birch sap is 1/8 the potency of maple so you would need more birch sap to match maple. However it tastes refreshing by comparison to maple’s raw sugar taste.

So whether the plants are added to the game or not will determine if we can make this stuff in game. Otherwise enjoy the great out doors and go make some nice drinks!

Gimme acorn flour for making cookies

a question powerful enough to trigger vegetarian people :laughing:

nice question anyway.

is it normal that i have once eat a wild bright mushroom? when i eat it, im hallucinating like crazy for a week.

Well considering how many lethally toxic wild mushrooms there are, I would definitely recommend not eating them in the future xD

Feel free to scroll up the thread. I do believe I have a video for making acorn flour. Enjoy irl. On a side note. I do not remember if we have it in game. I would really like it if we do not. I’ve been pretty busy this past month. Haven’t played much.

We already have cattails in the game. It looks like most water lillies are also edible.

That whole website is a good source of no-nonsense foraging information, btw. His videos are pretty good too.

Thanks for the info. Never got that interested in such plants though. As in, I don’t canoe. So getting those plants would be fine for the game. I would like to see them in deep water ponds and lakes with other swamp plants. Like cat tails =^_^=

does the game has a feature to find or harvest potato from forest? like interacting with wild potato plant? and i really wish forest improvement though, because i would like to see forest filled with potential foods.

There are plants that do this already, and you would pretty much need to copy paste and rename them and alter spawns, it’s pretty easy to do, I’ve just been busy with other things to start.

I tried to think of a response, and this is what just feels right

Potatoes are from europe friend. So there aren’t wild potatoes unless people randomly throw them into the woods and they took root. Even if they did take root though. Potatoes are actually Annual and not Perennial.

Annual plants must be replanted every season(like a potato) and cannot regrow on its own.
Perennials are plants that can regrow on their own. Which, potatoes are not. Sorry =/

Kinda strange when you think about it. If humans were to die off. Almost all plant life would of this type would probably die too. As most grow because of humans and would not grow so abundantly in the wild even in perfect conditions.


Just thought of something though. Those huge ass factories in game could be redesigned to be large warehouse/greenhouse facilities. Players could make them into a plant growing base or take what they need of them and move on.

Wild potatoes grow in many continents not just Europe (which Europe was only introduced to potatoes in the early 16th century quoting wiki) … as well as many other tubers, and they can grow in many conditions, I grow them in my back yard with little to no effort and 1 potatoe provides enough seeds? Roots? Not sure which to call them xD to grow dozens more. Plus there are hundreds of species of wild edibles that grow without intervention of humans, if anything human interaction would be more detrimental.

This is why seed banks are a thing.

Not sure what was missed. Not trying to seem rude. But unless people take an active participation in growing potatoes. They don’t normally grow in the wild in New England. I’m sure of this. Because as I already mention. They are annuals. One offs so to speak. I use to grow them. I have much respect for the farmers that grow my food. It is a real pain in the @$$ to grow crops only to find half your stuff dead or diseased.

I may post more wild food though depending on what I make =D

Nice addition to your Snapper Stew if you’re ever out jugging for turtles in lakes or in someone’s stock pond. Turtles seem to really love the more brackish, lilly-infested waters, though sometimes I do wonder what kind of industrial and agricultural runoff I’m exposing myself to by doing that.

Kudzu is edible and also a really good source of cordage, but they don’t get much of it up in Yankeeland.

I used to hunt in an area that had lots of rosehips. (Deseed first.) Good source of fall/winter Vitamin C, and my grandmother used to swear by the medicinal qualities of rosewater.

Funny story about how potato became standard “peasant fodder” for everyone from Ireland to Russia…

…where tomatoes were (contrary to popular belief) accepted pretty quickly, potatoes were a little more suspect. The methods of planting and cultivating them were unusual compared to other field crops, even if more efficient. They had an odd taste, or arguably no taste. Plants that most closely resembled them were toxic. The above-ground portion is toxic. There was some debate as to whether or not Christians were “allowed” to eat underground tubers, since no mention of such a thing is made in the Bible. Russian Old Believers still don’t eat potatoes for this reason; the Russians as a whole didn’t really start growing them in earnest until the 1850’s, meaning that the practice of turning potatoes into vodka is actually fairly recent for them.

Fredrick the Great had an ingenious idea for selling 'taters to the masses. He planted potatoes in his royal gardens and stationed soldiers to guard them. People saw the perceived value that he put in the crop, so they would sneak into his garden to steal what they had previously seen as a rubbish plant.

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We do have a lot of swamp and marsh in New England to be certain. But I hate anything that lives in water…well minus plants >_>

Fish, froggies etc., just don’t do it for me. But feel free to add some wild recipes if you really know of any. That is why I posted all this crap =^_^=

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