Shrooms, magic or otherwise

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so, I was foraging for all kinds of edibles in the local forest the other day, and while returning home with a pack full of miscellaneous berries, I thought to myself: if this were real, I would be carrying helluva lot of mushrooms right now as well.

I am not exactly sure if this is a thing in the US as well, but here (central EU), collecting all kinds of shrooms to prepare in a dozen ways and consume mercilessly afterwards is a kind of national pastime here. On a good day in Autumn, you could return from the woods with baskets full of fungal goodness, only waiting to be cooked, stewed, dried, powdered, fried, flambed or otherwise.

Would this potentially be interesting as an addition? Because my late grandpa, an avid mushroom collector, left a ton of his collected wisdom behind and I could transform it into playable form relatively easily, as far as I know - at least as far as the recipes and items themselves are concerned.

This is leaving out the other variety of mushrooms which would presumably have more to do with morale than with caloric intake - magic shrooms, amanitas and the like.

Shroom farms. Super easy to make and maintain and a safe alternative to growing plant food. Plus, dark growable: yeah, why not, photosynthesis is for noobs.
“Picked the wrong one” - without a specific book or enough points in Survival, you could accidentaly consume the thing you thought was a tasty boletus, only to be sent tripping to the other side of the galaxy or, worse, the Styx.
Homegrown molds! What for? Peniciline.

Just my two cents.

Thank you for your attention,


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You can forage shrooms, but they’re very rare in the summer (which it sounds like you’re in, with all the berries) - come back in autumn, and you’ll see plenty.

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Accidentaly spoiled that I always croak within 14 days, did I not? :smiley:

How awkward. My apologies then, consider this topic nonexistent.


At the moment (or; last I know), there are 4 mushroom* items in the game: Edible, morels, psychedelic and poisonous.
*Not counting the fungal creatures.
Without enough knowledge (I think it’s survival or cooking skill), your character can’t differentiate them (except for the morels).
All four can be made into seeds/spores and be planted in farm plots.

That said, it could use some more love. There’s a wide variety of gun and ammo types, but just these four generic mushrooms, no “inedible, but not poisonous” (bitter, maybe even edible but not tasty, like the dusky bolete**), no “deadly unless treated” (like the death cap) and not one of them grows on the tree (Armillaria).
**The dusky bolete is considered a “war mushroom” in europe - you can eat it, if there’s nothing else…

I’m a hobby mycologist myself and could/would add a lot of mushrooms, but I only know the mushrooms of Switzerland and I have no idea which ones grow in New England, so I’m leaving that to someone who’s from that region.


It is already possible to grow mushrooms upon furrowed soil.

lol it would be pretty fun if shrooms were actually a risk with low survival skill. Honestly you stand a damn good chance of dying even in the regular world if you eat poison hemlock (i know its a plant but same thing applies) or one of the nastier amanitas like death cap or destroying angel.

Being able to find things like chanterelles, porcinis, candy caps (can legit be used in place of maple syrup when dried) maitake (20 pounds a clump anyone?) And truffels as well as the deadly stuff like amanitas and deadly gallerina would be fun as hell.
As it is now its just like oh noes i have food poisoning i might puke a bit and take a half bar of torso damage ill heal up in an houuuuurrr! And the amounts you find hardly make them worth looking for except to get spores in the hopes you live a second year.

This is a mod just waiting to happen…

This is the type of stuff that needs to be added into the base game. Not only does it enhance realism but it also makes the game more challenging in an interesting way. Stuff like this makes it so that you don’t just have to worry about monsters but also if your food might kill you or not.


more food options the better, but i have never hunted for mushrooms, so…

Not even the walking ones?

great source of food actually.

(as long as you burn whatever you find on the fungal towers and blooms)

no, i play with them disabled

wait, does that mean that them drop edible mushrooms as loot :O?