More trees that can be tapped?

Maple is not the only tree that you can get useful sap from for example here is a quote:

“Although sugar maples are the tree of choice for commercial sugaring due to their high ratio of sugar to water in their sap, many other types of trees can be tapped to make syrup, including silver and red maples , hickory , birch , box elder , and walnuts”

Pine trees can also be tapped for their pine resin which could be useful for crafting.

What do you guys think or care to expand upon? Would it make for interesting additions or is just unnecessary redundancies?


Looks reasonable to me. Tapping deciduous trees looks at a glance to be pretty similar no matter the tree time. Pine trees require a different technique.

I’d say go ahead and add it.

Pine resin would be useful for making glue, I would imagine.

Yeah. Currently you can use pine boughs to make glue which I imagine is the in game equivalent.

They are a very sappy tree, and seem to enjoy weeping sap everywhere at the slightest provocation… and even ‘just because’ keeps the bugs from doing much damage, but it seems like they’d rather just weep sap 24/7 then heal over any dings.
They are not a good tree to stand under with nice things.

Definately should be tap-able for permanent, continuous low gain of resin, though perhaps if this gets added, glue quality should get a bit more incremental?

This is true. Pine sap gets everywhere. I still have clothes with that shit ingrained in the DNA of it.

I kind of like the idea of enslaving a whole bunch of pine trees to generate industrial quantities of glue for making duct tape. It would be even better if you could transplant trees, and definitely give me a reason not to just chop them all up, or burn them all down for being an obstruction to navigation.

The sap glue thing might be reasonnable, but isn’t maple syrup super tedious to make though ? With several long steps of boiling and whatnot ?

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In case anyone wants to know. It requires much more effort for certain trees to get X amount of sap compared to that of maple. Hence why maple is so popular.

Birch is 1/8 or more compared to maple(you have to have 8-12 gallons to = that 1 bottle of maple syrup). It also tastes different. It tastes like Wintergreen. The sap of any birch can be tapped and consumed as is or boiled down to syrup. The sap consumed straight is nutrient rich. Assuming the tree isn’t diseased >_>

Pine sap should be very limited from one tree in case it gets implemented because it does not flow, just slightly bulges in place where bark is damaged.

Acorn flour for all your flour needs because acorn is good for you health

Check out my thread on this very topic if you wish to add anything to either the thread or the game. I would like to see much more wild stuff go into the game.

When mixed with berries and using the starch from various other plants. You can make a reasonably less than $h!t tasting “bread” xD

Sorry sir but I want my acorn cookies =P

What thread? You didn’t add a link

Noted and valid point sir. Apologies.

I was thinking about and I remembered that early versions of ice cream used snow,so like we could get snow from the groud,clean it and use an food processor to mix the snow with some fruit or candy,put some milk on it or even just a bit of liquid nitrogen and you got bootleg ice cream =P