The belted layer

So I recently upgraded from an experimental a few days old, I noticed that a lot of the clothing that had no coverage before is now listed as being “in the belted layer”. Does anyone know the rules on the new clothing layers?

It’s belted on you. No enc.

wrong :stuck_out_tongue:
clothes are assigned a layer now, from under, regular, outer, and belted.
the stacking penalty for clothes now only counts clothes on the same layer, so you can wear two 0 enc articles for each layer, though that might drop to just one with no penalty soon.

Oh, that would explain why I only have 1 torso enc with my tanktop, hoodie, army jacket, and backpack.

Honestly I think that makes sense because I often wear a hoodie + another jacket when it’s colder and I don’t feel particularly encumbered. SO… WHat items count as belted? Sheathes and holsters?

Everything you “strap on” over other clothes.
So yea, backpacks, belts, drop pouches, fanny packs, holsters, purses, messenger bags.

Merg. Why am I always wrong about things…

I assumed that was your ninja technique. So that when you were being helpful it would stealth right under the radar, and then you STRIKE.