Question about new layering system

[quote=“Coolthulhu, post:908, topic:5582”]Kevin’s layering PR is in.

New layering penalty rules are as follows:

[ul][li]Layering penalty of an item is its encumbrance or 10, whichever is lower. 0 encumbrance items cause 1 layering penalty.[/li]
[li]Highest layering penalty of each layer is ignored[/li]
[li]Layering penalty of a body part is the sum of layering penalties of all its layers[/li][/ul][/quote]

If I wear a winter coat (20 enc) and a backpack (11 enc) my torso encumberance is 31. Shouldn’t it be just 11, since the “Highest layering penalty of each layer is ignored” …? (Starting a new sheltered survivor on latest experimental build at the time of writing: Build 0.C-3683)

You still get the encumbrance of each article applied, if you have multiple articles of clothing one one layer though, it applies the penalty once for the item with the highest penalty, and twice for everything else, that clearer?
In your case you don’t even have a layering penalty, backpacks and coats are on separate layers. The base encumbrance penalty still applies though.