Clothing encumberance weirdness

I just changed over to the experimental from previously using the “stable” version of the game. My quivers have gone from not having an encumberance number to having zero encumberance. My tactical drop pouches say zero encumberance.

Both of these items can be “taken in to improve the fit” but this clearly makes no sense if they already have no encumberance.

Also the quivers say in their description that they are “very bulky” even though they also say that they won’t encumber you at all.

So quivers are now crap and large quivers are better?

Did someone make a mistake? These changes have made my encumberance super high.

Also, why are my rucksacks, quivers, etc all saying “this is the belted layer”? What on earth does that mean?

To sum up, tactical drop pouches and quivers etc don’t seem to be worth using any more because each and every one gives you an extra point of encumberance. Even a firefighter belt gives a point of encumberance… and it has zero coverage so I don’t think it even has a useful function besides a tiny amount of storage space.

This seems ridiculous to me.

Whoah, changing from 0.A to recent experimental? I bet that caused all sorts of weirdness.

Very bulky IIRC is about wearing items after mutations.

Yes, quivers now count for layering encumbrance.

Belted layer means you can’t wear two items that are on the same layer.

But I can and I am wearing two items on the same layer. It doesn’t prevent me stacking up backpacks.

Quivers I can perhaps understand, but dump pouches encumbering you this much is ridiculous considering they seem to only give you 8 storage volume.

Anyway what other problems arise from switching to the experimental? Should I switch back? I just wanted that toolbelt item…

Also… this really makes zero sense. My army jacket doesn’t add encumberance even from layering but a dump pouch does!? Both say zero encumberance, neither are “lies close to the skin” and both are taken in the improve the fit.

What on earth is going on? The army jacket seems to think it’s a bra…

And if my suspicions are correct this means I could wear infinite army jackets for super torso armour. Weight being the only limiting factor.

My god DG just… just… gah.

Confirmed it, I can still wear lots of backpacks despite what it says about “belted layer”. And the army jacket doesn’t encumber you at all even with multiple layers.

Time to stack army jackets instead of MBR armour.

Switched out to a single large quiver.

What on earth is going on? The army jacket seems to think it's a bra...

That’s what you get for upgrading across a lot of changes. Start anew.

[quote=“Zireael, post:6, topic:7168”]

What on earth is going on? The army jacket seems to think it’s a bra…

That’s what you get for upgrading across a lot of changes. Start anew.[/quote]

Do people seriously lose all their progress each and every single time someone brings out a new version?

I’ve already done that once and I don’t want to do it again.

No, but the longer you wait the more likely it is to cause problems. Going from one experimental to the next is much less likely to cause any problems then say, jumping from 0.8 to the current experimental.

That said it’s much more likely that the clothing system just functions differently now then it does in .A. I’m almost positive that there have been some major changes there since then, and you might just be misinterpreting some of the way the new system works as “bugs” when that’s the actual way it works now. That said you might be getting problems because it’s trying to maintain your current equipment setup. I’d suggest un-equipping everything and then trying to re-equip stuff to see if you are getting any problems there.

0 Encumbrance pre-fitting means that you can fit it to reduce the layering penalty. (Every item after the first on a given layer (under, clothing, belted, outer) adds additional encumbrance for layering.)

Checked the jsons and the army jacket should be appearing in the “clothing” layer and is base Enc 1, so you shouldn’t be able to stack them w/o layering penalties. If you can stack them w/o encumbering yourself, that’s a bug.

Depending on how you updated, it’s possible that things could have gotten messy. Some folks like to just unzip the latest version into the same directory as their current one, which can cause overwrite issues and introduce bugs. Safer to give the latest its own directory and copy your saves & config, font, etc over.

This is what I did…

Well, just the saves. I set the options manually.

Aha! OK, I understand what’s going on now. The stuff I had on top of the jacket counts as a different layer (I tested adding the army jacket when I was wearing other stuff). If I actually use two jackets then that does add 1 unit of encumberance.

The trouble is I don’t know what counts as each layer. The game says when something is in the “belted” layer but not the others.

Anyway let’s see if I understand this. If I try to wear some underwear (bra, boxer shorts, whatever) with a union suit, I get a unit of extra encumberance for that now? Despite them all saying that they fit close to the skin?

And if I was to wear a whole bunch of different items, each with 0 base encumberance after fitting, each one on an entirely different layer, I would have zero encumberance?

Seems reasonable if that’s how it works. It would just be nice if the layers were more obvious. What counts as “outer” for example?

Yeah, “close to the skin” is the underwear layer. No wearing underwear and a union suit.
(no message) is the clothing layer
Belted layer identifies itself as such
Outer is “worn over your other clothing”, IIRC.

And yeah, one piece of 0 Enc gear in each layer = 0 Enc.