The base life and defending it

Its past the Second season i think, and i have reinforced a small gas station loaded it with loot and found sub shelter, but right now my place is infested with zombears with me using ammo to fend them off while trying to build a wall, where it ends up I use 10 rags and 2 mags for building one wall. And still struggling to find a car.
Any suggestions to help with the base building i am stuck in one of my rooms with zombears outside…

First of all, I would recommend to deconstruct or smash any furniture you can find in the building to get a good amount of 2x4 and nails (reserve the splintered wood for cooking. Then, you can use those nails and 2x4 to board up the windows(Walls just take too much time to build and it would be better to save them for when you are completely settled in your base). Then you might want to look around the nearby buildings for an axe or something that would allow you to chop down trees to get more 2x4 for construction. If you need nails, make a big fire inside any house that you are not afraid to destroy and wait until it collapses. By using this tecnique you will get somewhere around 1000+ nails (most of the time)

And this is the only tips I can give you for now, because I don’t know what else to reccomend :stuck_out_tongue:

if zombears are invading your house and beating down all your walls and windows try to live near fungal bloom actualy fungus are not hostille only fungal parasites can be problem if you do not wear any clotches (you need 2 or more env protection to be immune) just create some fireproff ground around your base (dig pits) because fungal things (trees grass walls) are high flammable and random npc with flamethower (or you by accident) will start a nice fire what will spread in few turns

Thanks anything else?

Try and make a base near were a forest, river, and marsh meet. Also, bear traps and fish traps in such a place make it clear why hunting is for the plebs.

making house near swamp is not too good but near forest and river is realy good if not best

I make a temporary base until i can make a good mobile one.
Living reasonably close to (or in the outskirts of) a city is required for this, to get enough spare parts and books. No need to worry about fortifications as its a waste of time and resources. Sleep in a basement if needed.

Going mobile, i loot further in order to gain more stuff: Books, spare parts, CBM’s…
No great need for defense again, just camp in intelligent spots or have your solars be destroyed. (keep 'em safe, and have spares :wink:

After that i do make a permanent base: I try to build near lava if possible, as i like the novelty and i try to avoid swamps, slime pits & other unkillable spawning zones. Meaning 10+ map tiles away.
A river for fishing is an asset but a well should eliminate water problems just as well.

By that time i am reasonably strong enough to kill any spawnzones that can be killed (like fungals).
Much like my mobile base, i like planning and building a permanent base from scratch, complete with defenses, underground storage areas and escape tunnels.
It just takes time…

Isn’t it possible in game to create downstairs right now? Like with a pickaxe or something?

You want a swamp because salt water = no more rotten food woes

Yup, can totally be done.

I havent done it, but if you are having problems with basic defenses when building, with a some skills and basic tools, you can craft piles of caltrops and spread them liberally around, even if things do get through a few 2 tile wide walls of them, they should go down pretty easy afterwards. Digging many pits in a small area as a ‘panic room’ to kite things into to be killed more easily works as well.

grabs 55 galon durm from waste saphrofagus finaly i do not need to raid towns for black pepper and salt

A tip is to use duct tape on all windows. I assume they can still be boarded afterwards. Keeps yer human stink inside more effectively :smiley:

I’m always going for that remote cabin, but they’re kind of rare in my experience. It’s possible to start in one now, but there’s always zombies all over the show, and yeah, being more remote so that important starting/early game loot is not so easy.

If your first/temporary base is in a town, try to settle in the outer houses, but that’s common sense. Static spawn mode means it’s far more achievable to clear the town of nasties, too.

For your Zombear problem:
Dig pits (spiked, if possible) on all tiles adjacent to the door, then put a plank on one (doesn’t matter where, as long as you can open the door from there), open the door then kite ‘n’ kill. If you don’t have any digging tools, try to grab a nearby movement-slowing object and put it right in front of the door (and block off all other adjacent tiles so any friends the Zombear might have brought can’t crash the party) then kill the Zombear and all his friends. *Note: this strategy is only effective for PCs with mid- to late-game equipment.

zombear in spiked pit is injured and realy slow taking one down is easy for even new character

I personally prefer the mobile base approach. An example of this is going to a city and looting libraries for mechanics books and then taking bits and pieces from cars in the city to build one big mobile ‘Home’. In one of my recent runs I took apart an APC, Armored Car, electric car, and RV and something equivalent to a late game doom mobile by day 12, complete with dual V8 engines and badass spikes.

yea but its hard to carry 80000 or more of volume in car (this will be realy heavy and you need 80 cargo carriers

Jeez, why would you need 80k volume? My whole pile of belongings on a lategame char (40+ bionics, optical cloak, laser pistol and fusion blaster rifle) clocks only at ~10k (a dozen of trunks and extra space in crafting rigs).

I usually favor a hybrid approach though; a big truck to haul my hoard from place to place and a quick-to-assemble motorbike for looting runs. Move to an area on the map, loot interesting places (like bank vaults, lab endings and military outposts), bring stuff to the pile, craft upgrades/read books, move on.
Permanent bases get boring after a bit, even with hordes on. Plus, places to loot become farther and farther from home.

51043 volume is just my meat jerky alslo i collect all crap what i get
i have small rv created out of military truck for looting runs with crafting stadions sewing kit and rechargeable battery with some materials to repair my stuff and bed it have 6000 volume previusly i had bike with 2000 volume but its too slow when fully loaded and 2000 volume is small

A farm is the best base, hands down.
Most of the time, they are suited reasonably far from the town, so hordes won’t really bother you. However, all of them are connected to a road, so they are still easily accsessable. Most of them are also near or in forests, so wood is plenty. They also have a lot of space (three buildings: a small one (toolshed), a medium one (living house) and a big one (barn). The barn is big enough to contain a moderatly sized car.
Besides, you get a farm with around 1000 already tilled tiles, and you have enough space to double that amount. If you’ve found some seeds (most farms already have a lot of them) you will basically have more food than you could ever eat, after a few season. Not to mention the infinite (?) supply of water from an already pre-constructed well. There are only two downsides: a farm is not as easily fortified as a fire station and boredom. If you have a base where you’re more or less alone and self-sufficent the game kinda turns boring.

Holy shit, Arek, that’s a LOT of jerky