The Atomic Car's/SUV's reactor dies!

As of the latest available build I’ve been getting spammed by this message saying the atomic reactor to some non-existent car and SUV just died.

It might be a mod that’s creating conflicts on the latest build, but if only there was a way to make sure which one was doing this…

I had something like this at some point when I left the lights on in my car and the battery died. I couldn’t activate the car to turn off the lights until I got a new battery for it, so I had massive spam for a few days. Somewhere around you there are probalby a couple cars that were left running and will keep sending this message until you find a way to shut them down…

I have a minireactor in my car and updating to build 8139 caused this message to appear.
Also, after reloading the reactor it started draining plutonium even while being turned off.
Reverting to 8137 fixed the issue.

This is a known issue, not related to mods at all.

I’ve attempted to fix it in