(replicated in debug)Minireactor drains vehicle power when fuel at certain level

I ran into a rather weird bug about the minireactor. My mobile base started off solar, and then I installed a minireactor on it to recharge whenever I want. It went well at first, but a while later all the power would be suddenly drained from the entire vehicle, and a “battery dies” message would be given every turn. The message would stop when I turn the reactor off and the solar panels could then recharge like normal.

A bit of savescumming showed that the drain happens when plutonium level dropped to a certain level, which would drain all the battery power in 2 or 3 turns. Specifically, each plutonium cell gave 500 charges, and the drain happened at multiples of 463 as far as I can tell. The first time I circumvented the problem by inserting another cell, bring up the charge to 963. Now it’s failing again whenever the charge hit 926. It’s like only 37 charges are available from each cell, and then the reactor starts failing and somehow putting a strain on the whole system.

I’m playing with the latest experimentals and with all vehicle mods distributed with the experimentals active.

edit: Not really the latest latest, only version 5979, playing the tiles version, on win10 64bit.

And all power related parts on the vehicle are fully repaired.

edit2: Replicated in experimental 5985 in new world and new character and same mod loadout (disable NPC needs, boats, folding vehicles, tanks and other vehicles, vehicle additions, filthy clothing, statsthroughskills). Spawned an atomic mini-tank by debug, filled one plutonium cell and drove in circles for a day. The batteries failed at exactly 463 charges.

More testing:

Win64, 0.C-20020-g597a6d7 (tiles), build 5985.

Generated 2 test worlds, one with all default worldgen options, the other with the vehicles additions pack. Started with random characters with mechanics debugged to 10.

Debug spawned a road roller, removed the diesel engine, and installed a minireactor, a storage battery and an enhanced electric motor.

Filled one plutonium battery (500 charges), turned on the reactor and drove in circles.

In both worlds the reactor failed and battery drained almost instantly when the reactor charge reached 463.

I also found a potentially related bug report on github:

While I didn’t get the “unable to fill reactor” observation, the issue did report the reactor draining vehicle battery.

edit: uploaded the test save with default worldgen and no extra mods:


Reactor charge should be at maybe 465, just drive around a bit to reach 463.

Vehicle power system (charge/discharge) is being reworked so it will probably get fixed. I’ll check out if your bug still replicates in the new version.

Certainly. Meanwhile I’ll just debug plutonium cells if necessary since I’m missing out on over 90% of the charges :slight_smile: