The Aero-evaporator

Note: I’m not sure if this should go in the Garage, feel free to move it if so.

So, one of the recent experimentals (I think) added this craftable CBM.
I get the impression it’s insanely overpowered.

For 8 power it provides infinite (?) clean water.
I filled a steel jerrycan in one go and you can repeat the process as many times as you want as far as I can tell (though I didn’t check the data files).

It’s a neat idea but it should provide a more limited amount of water, as it is now it makes every other type of water “production” completely obsolete.
The recipe is easy too.

It’s been around for a while, I think the recipe to craft it has only just been added, though. The one that extracts water from corpses also allows you to fill any container with pure water in one shot, although at least it’s been rebalanced to only allow you to do that once per corpse. I suppose they should be rebalanced, although I’ve never come across and successfully installed one when water is still an issue.

The alternative is starting a fire next to a river, getting a jerrycan, and binding the “craft until out of materials button”

The CBM is just more convenient

By the time you are able to craft/find and install the CBM it is assumed that clean water shouldn’t be a major problem anymore so yes I think it’s just more convenient and not really op.

What about the other water extraction unit cbm?

A squirrel corpse will fill any number of jerrycans with water and doesn’t even get desiccated. Not OP either?

It’s not “OP” in any sense because you need to get reasonable electronics skill to install the cbms (much less to craft them, which also requires a book) whereas clean water becomes available in infinite quantities when you find a frying pan and two plastic bottles

In the sense that it’s not OP because it’s a bug/exploit type thing rather then a balance thing, yeah.

Maybe conjuring up a bucket of water from air humidity… is even balancing. As the cooking skill rises way too fast for just boiling water, where no actual skill is involved like in meal preparation.

But I do think that conjuring up water from air humidity should take time for every unit of water and the whole jerrycan maybe a few hours until it’s full. After all that water will go a long time. And extracted corpses should only give water relative to their size to make it balanced.

Both are fully intended, just nobody has bothered to fix/implement it yet.

If it’s going to take a long time then maybe a vehicular version would be better?
A late game funnel for the tech savvy survivor driving a house sized mass of fuck you.

That would leave the Water Extraction unit for water “on the go”.

The way I see the aero-evaporator going the most is with an active/passive mode. So it to drains a very small amount of power every once in a while once installed. Then once it’s been on for long enough it beeps or something and you can activate it to draw out a single unit of clean water, at which point it would revert to the passive mode (it wouldn’t drain power while it is full, only while it was filling up the single unit).