Clean water from dehydryser

what if clean water can be spawn as side-product in receipts like dryed meat.
there is some products which can be crafted not only one way.
maybe other way can spawn water, if in receipts we include cup - for condensing water.
for example dryed meat - is need food dehydrotiser(25), but with cup - it give us also and clean water, with dryed meat of course.

is to pity to drop off of so needed component - i mean clean water.

Water isn’t that…you know, rare. Even a survivor in early game is easily able to find water and clean it with little effort, and mid- to end-game survivor tend to have a large supply of (clean) water and other drinks.

Also, from my experience, a dehydrator usually works in a way where the moisture from the food just gets released through air vents into the surrounding air. There simply isn’t a a place where the moisture gets condensed back to water, why would there? There isn’t a reason for pre-cataclysm dehydrators to have a feature like that.
You would need to build your own, improved Dehydrator, for example where the air vents lead into a hose or pipe of some kind, which is long enough for the air to cool off and the water to condense, and THEN you could put a container of some kind beneath the hose/pipe to catch the water. That’s a lot of work for a bit of water you could easily grab from a nearby river, pond or even from the rain.

Another thing would be a problem with portions. the minimum for liquids is 250ml ; this is 1 portion of liquid.
Meat has around 60% of liquid in it - you need 2 chunks of meat for dehydration, so you’re using around a pound of meat or around .48kg of meat, so this isn’t a problem - that could result in around 1 portion of water.
The issue shows up when you’re trying to dehydrate vegetables or fruits. There you have massive differences in the amount of, well, matter you’re dehydrating, to name 2 extremes:
You have to use 2 pumpkins to dehydrate them - 1 pumpkin is 1.32 lbs/0.60 kg in weight, so you’re talking about 2,6 lbs or 1,2kg of matter, which should give you AT LEAST 2, if not 3 portions of water.
Another example would be grapes, where you need 4 grapes with 0.66 lbs/0.30 kg each ; that’s be also 2,6lbs or 1,2kg. Grapes are around 80% water, so we’re talking around 4 portions of water here.

Do you see the problem yet? In order to have a byproduct of water which fits the ingredients we would need to either overhaul the recipe itself, which is adjusted to the amount of fruit/veggies you get from farming (I think?), or we would have to split the recipe into dozens of little recipes, which will clutter the recipe menu even more.

If a contributor has an idea how you can implement it, I’d have no problems with it, but it seems to be not worth the hassle, at least in my opinion.

thanks for your opinion.

I dont even bother cleaning water late game.

I just keep it in a tank, and make tea and coffee out of it. Or simply drink it raw and take some vitamins. Water taken from a tank can never have parasites or be poisoned

The other issue here is that a dehydrator doesn’t generally have any kind of filter on it. While it won’t result in the same kind of gross water you can get from a dehumidifier, it’s pretty unlikely you’d get sterilized, clean water from one.

I guess you’ve never seen food dehydrator, right? It is a big hair dryer where you put food in it and wait to dry by evaporation. It doesn’t “suck water out of it”.

Clean water is incredibly common resource.
There are some recipes where someone though adding clean water byproduct is a good idea. It wasn’t - it only means you have to handle that byproduct, which at this moment is nearly free.

I previously proposed this and we came to the conclusion it would just lead to menu spam

oops but thanks for opinions aboot the topic